Your heavy-duty chainsaw will become inefficient, time-consuming, and even dangerous, without having the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. One of the best chainsaw chains on the market, this Oregon S56 AdvanceCut has always been preferred for its powerful performance through hardwood. If you switch from pine softwood into seasoned oak hardwood, you had better replace your chain with one of the best chainsaw chains we introduced above.

The best chainsaw chains not only ensure clean and quick cuts, but they can help prevent user fatigue, prevent vibration and kickback, and offer easy maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best chainsaw chains, including reviews, to help you find the best replacement chain for your saw. The S56 AdvanceCut is our pick of the best chainsaw chain because the 16-inch chain is durable, reduces vibrations, and even has its own oiling system to ensure that oil is spread properly across the blade.

An aggressive chainsaw chain is one that has a higher cutting speed than other chains, and usually has full chisel teeth on a full or skip chain. The main types of chain arrangements or sequences are full complement, skip chain and semi-skip chain. Experts say the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood is the Husqvarna High Performance 18 inches, 0.05 gauge, 0.325 pitch chain.

I recently scored the cylinder of my 10 year old 18″ Husky 345 firewood and all-purpose saw, cutting very dense, seasoned, 16″ Salt Cedar, one of the hardest woods in the U.S. My fault, the chipper chains I used dulled very fast, and I pushed them and overheated the bar, transferring excess heat to the engine. The most obvious factor that influences how a tooth holds its edge and how well it cuts, providing it is not allowed to overheat, or the saw to overload, is the quality of the steel or other material. Some tooth variations such as low profile and skip chains, only dull slower because they cut slower: the net result would seem to be that the same amount of wood is cut more slowly before the chain dulls.

I just changed the bar and chain on my Stihl 029, had 20″, to big, switched to a 16″ Oregon bar and chain from Tractor Supply. Mine came with a Husky H30 chain on it which is a narrow kerf 325 pitch chain. Good advice, the semi chisel H30/95VPX cuts a little narrower and faster then the Stihl chain and alot lower in price, best chain for your $ for a box stock 346XP. Making a living with a saw since age 16.

best chainsaw chain for green wood Related Question:

What chainsaw chain is best for hardwood?

If you’re looking for chains that work on hardwood and firewood, semi chisel is the best option. Full chisel chains are specifically designed for hardwood and can cut through them quickly. However, their square-shaped teeth are known to lose their edge quickly.

What chainsaw chain stays sharp the longest?

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 16″ . The x-Cut line of Husqvarna chains is also designed to stay sharp longer, so you can cut for a longer amount of time before the chain needs sharpening.

What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

A full chisel chain is a chain with square cornered teeth, and they’re known for being the fastest cutting blade shape available. A full chisel chain also has a higher number of teeth than other chain options(full chisel is also known as a standard chisel chain).

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

Dirt Causes A Chainsaw To Dull If you’re cutting through logs and your angle of approach is too steep, a simple cut through could nick dirt or even worse, rocks on the floor causing your chainsaw to jerk, thus dulling.

How do you pick a chain saw?

To determine the pitch (chain size), you’ll need to measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets, then divide the result by 2. The rivets are the small, round pegs/studs that hold the chain segments together. Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Typically only professionals and experienced chainsaw users use full chisel chainsaw chains. They are typically used to cut through hardwood such as oak as their square-cornered cutting teeth are more geared up to power through the wood.

What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain?

The . 325 may be smaller and faster, but it may not be your best bet for your everyday needs. The three-eighths-inch chain is durable and lasts longer than its smaller cousin. This makes it one of the more popular switches for chainsaw users who want to get more out of their saw.

Who makes the most reliable chainsaw?

STIHL are still the number one selling chainsaw brand in the USA. The Stihl 271 Farm Boss is a great saw for the small farm owner, or if you have a larger section of land with mature trees, and you need a reliable saw that can handle big jobs on a regular basis.

Are Stihl chains better than Oregon?

Stihl chain hold their edge a bit longer than Oregon, but they also slightly harder to file. It is hardly noticable during normal maintnance (touch up before it gets dull), but obvious during more extended filing. I prefer Stihl when I have the option.

What is the advantage of a skip tooth chain?

A skip chain has fewer cutting teeth than a conventional chain which means it won’t be dragging as many teeth through the wood you’re cutting. Less drag on the chain means less power is needed to cut through the log. That means the motor on your saw runs faster which keeps it in a more efficient power curve.

What kind of chain do loggers use?

Stihl is the most popular chainsaw for professional loggers. It has a long-lasting chain, and you can also enjoy the exceptional cutting speeds available with this brand of chainsaw. Additionally, the chains are high-performance, low vibration, and quiet in their performance.

What is a good chain speed for a chainsaw?

The piston ring speed on the average chainsaw travels 2,500 surface feet per minute. A chain slides across the surface of the sawbar rail at around 5000 feet per minute. The chain is moving at 55 to 60 m.p.h. or a mile per minute ( 88 feet per second ).

Does a ripping chain cut faster?

Ripping chains are slower as the finer cut and surface takes more time than regular cutting.

How often should you flip the bar on a chainsaw?

Some professional loggers would advocate that you should flip your chainsaw bar at the end of every use, particularly when you are cleaning up. Others suggest a more relaxed approach advising that you flip the chainsaw bar only when you are changing your chainsaw blade.

How long should a chain last on a chainsaw?

The chain should last many years; 5-6 years should be no problem. However, if the chainsaw chain is used properly and taken care of, it can last way longer.

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