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If you’re the victim of such a weather event, it helps to have the right generator, chain saw, and other emergency gear. Seven stationary generators made our list of top generator picks including five that got scores of 91 and above, a high bar in our tests. Briggs & Stratton 30470, $900. Chain sawsFor true cutting power, it’s best to invest in a gasoline-powered chain saw.

It is lightweight but I have to say that if you have not used an electric saw before but have used a lot of gas ones then prepare for less power overall. Ths gas powered pole saw reaches up to 12 feet so you can get a lot done. Gas powered saws require special mix for the gas and need oil for the bar but provide a lot of power.

After more than 60 hours of hand testing, we’re confident that the following are the best pocket chainsaws to consider. If you are a hiking enthusiast, your search for the best pocket chainsaw could potentially be over with the new Sportsman Survival Pocket Chainsaw. From an environmental viewpoint, the Skyocean Pocket Chainsaw is naturally more sustainable than more mechanical engine-powered hand chainsaws.

That’s why you need the best chainsaws for storm cleanup. The perfect storm cleanup chainsaw should have at least 50cc of gas power for best sawing operation. So get the Best chainsaws for storm cleanup for your operation, and slice up everything in your path!

Wanting to take the graft out of your most demanding garden jobs? The best chainsaws offer you ultimate power and make cutting through the toughest materials a breeze. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with our round-up of the best chainsaws. STIHL are still the number one selling chainsaw brand in the USA. The Stihl 271 Farm Boss is a great saw for the small farm owner, or if you have a larger section of land with mature trees, and you need a reliable saw that can handle big jobs on a regular basis. Makita XCU03PT: Best chainsaw for a battery powered option. Compared with most other electric chainsaws though, the Makita XCU03PT1 is very expensive. You can rest assured that we had a robust judging process so that only the best chainsaws made the cut. As with any outdoor appliance, the cost of chainsaws can vary widely depending on the type, brand and size of chainsaws you’re looking at.

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Are pocket chainsaws worth it?

A high-quality pocket chainsaw is an invaluable tool for clearing fallen trees from a mountain-biking trail or cutting logs for firewood while camping. An ax, or better yet, a chainsaw, is an ideal tool for felling a tree or dicing up a log.

What chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Stihl is the most popular chainsaw for professional loggers. It has a long-lasting chain, and you can also enjoy the exceptional cutting speeds available with this brand of chainsaw. Additionally, the chains are high-performance, low vibration, and quiet in their performance.

Who makes the most reliable chainsaw?

STIHL are still the number one selling chainsaw brand in the USA. The Stihl 271 Farm Boss is a great saw for the small farm owner, or if you have a larger section of land with mature trees, and you need a reliable saw that can handle big jobs on a regular basis.

What is the smallest chainsaw?

The X Series ECHO chainsaw CS-2511T 12 in. is the lightest gas powered chainsaw in North America. The 25.0 cc professional-grade engine delivers incredible horse power from a compact, easily maneuverable body.

Why do loggers Run chainsaw bars upside down?

Every chainsaw bar has been designed to be mounted right-side up or upside down. The reason for this is that it allows the user to extend the life of his chainsaw bar by 50%. Flipping the bar will give the heavily-used areas some relief from wear and tear.

Is McCulloch a good chainsaw?

Whether cutting firewood or felling large trees, all McCulloch chainsaws have strong engines, great ergonomics and superior durability. With a high chain speed, and a slimmed-down lightweight design McCulloch’s chainsaws are probably the smoothest chainsaws you’ve ever tried.

What is the most powerful chainsaw?

The world’s most powerful production chainsaw. A direct replacement of the MS 880, the MS 881 is the most powerful chainsaw in the market with the highest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW). Built for high performance work, this saw is the optimum choice for professional foresters and loggers.

How well do wire saws work?

A wire saw is an effective tool when it comes to cutting, but they use abrasion instead of saw teeth for cutting. When compared with other cutting methods, wire sawing offers significant advantages over other cutting methods in various applications.

What is the number one selling chainsaw?

Makita XCU03PT 18V X2 Cordless Chainsaw: This was the best overall pick in our review of the Best Chainsaws. The direct-drive brushless motor system, powered by dual 18V 5Ah batteries, delivers power equivalent to a 32cc 2-cycle gas engine and up to 190 cuts per charge.

Is Poulan Pro a good chainsaw?

The Poulan Pro is a good budget chainsaw for the newbie who wants a good introduction to gas-powered saws. It might also be useful to note that Poulan is owned by Husqvarna. It offers a simple, reliable starting set up and good power for most small to medium suburban jobs. It’s easy to clean too.

How often should you sharpen a chainsaw?

A chainsaw may only need to be sharpened once a year if it is rarely used, but a tool that is frequently used will need to be sharpened regularly to ensure that the blade doesn’t get too dull. On average, a chainsaw blade will retain its sharpness for about 3 hours of actively cutting through wood.

What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw?

Weighing only 5.7 pounds (without bar and chain), ECHO’s CS-2511P is the lightest gas-powered rear-handle chainsaw in the world with the most power in its class, states the company.

What can you cut with a mini chainsaw?

Mini chainsaws are great for powering through light-duty lumberjacking projects, like pruning branches and cutting small logs. Their rugged design and powerful motors pack a serious amount of cutting power into a small package, and offer a durability that users typically won’t find in other power saws.

What is the lightest Husqvarna chainsaw?

Husqvarna 440e II 16″ If you liked the sounds of our best value pick but need a little more power, look no further than the 440e II. At just 9.78 pounds, it’s one of the most lightweight and easy to handle saws we’ve ever tested – especially given its impressive torque.

How do you not use a chainsaw?

Don’t Cut With a Dull Blade Cutting with a sharp blade actually extends the life of your chain saw. That’s because a sharp blade pulls itself into the wood, while a dull blade requires lots of downward pressure. That pressure wears out the bar, drive links, clutch sprocket and clutch.

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