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When cutting tropical hardwoods treat yourself to nice new carbide blade, or at least a freshly sharpened one. Avoid open joints in tropical hardwood steps with proper cutting techniques. Ipe is hard enough to handle on its own without making it harder on yourself by having to wrestle every cut.

I have a Makita 7.25 inch circular saw, and need to buy a blade to cut some IPE decking.

Something more like a rip blade than say a crosscut blade. Have your say… Forum Topics Woodworking Skill ShareYour woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project. Show us your jigs, share your tips, strategies and, of c… 1916 Wood & LumberDifferent wood requires different woodworking strategies – from cutting to finishing.

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How do you cut ipe wood?

Ipe wood is an extremely hard, high density tropical hardwood. Of course Ipe wood decking is hard to cut, that’s why deck builders and other construction professionals use carbide saw blades when cutting Ipe wood. Carbide saw blades will give you a good clean cut through Ipe wood, quickly, safely and repetitively.

Does ipe wood crack?

Ipe Decking dries and contracts, leaving tiny cracks in the face or at the ends of the boards. These tiny cracks are known as checks. Face checking is a very normal and is very difficult to see. It does not affect the durability, longevity or water-resistant benefits.

How long does it take for ipe to turn GREY?

An experienced ipe deck builder told me to not sand ipe as you remove the layers of dead cells which absorb the sealer. That was why it turned grey in about 4-5 months. Also, lay the boards end grain curving downward to drain better and avoid “cupping” after rain.

What type of blade is best for circular saw?

Mostly, a 24-tooth circular saw blade is preferred by many people, especially if you have to cross-cut lumber and sheet materials. The 24-tooth blade is good enough for you if the diameter is 7¼”. However, as the diameter increases, you should also consider looking for circular saw blades with more teeth.

Is Ipe decking worth the cost?

Among hardwoods, ipe is considered the most prestigious and valued wood. It stands out for its strength, durability, and density. These properties make it rot resistant, mildew resistant, scratch resistant, and the density is the reason it has a class-A fire rating.

Do termites eat Ipe?

Not because Ipe decking isn’t delicious, but because this material is extremely dense. Ipe is so impervious that insects, including termites, don’t stand a chance. Since they don’t have the ability to actually digest wood, termites usually choose to enjoy softer species, or decomposing wood.

Can you power wash an Ipe deck?

For No Maintenance If you decide to bring back the natural finish colour, you simply need to pressure wash your deck. We recommend the Saicos Wood Brightener (follow product instructions), followed by a light sanding to smooth the surface – and it’s done!

Does ipe wood get hot in the sun?

Ipe wood stays cool even in hot sun. Above: See more of this ipe wood shed in Pool of the Week: An Empty Nesters’ Oasis Near Seattle. Photograph by Tim Bies. “While Ipe does have some warmth when the sun is out, it does not retain the heat.

How do you keep IPE brown?

If you love the color of your new deck and want to preserve those hues, you’ll need to use a sealer on your ipe every year or two. Consider Hardwood Decking’s Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish & UV Protector. This product protects and preserves the beauty of your ipe deck.

Can you leave ipe wood untreated?

If you want that look you do not treat it with anything other than end sealers and it will naturally turn grey. Not only that if you decided to, but you can also bring it back to a beautiful brown. Ipe can last up to 75 years untreated.

Is more teeth on a saw blade better?

More teeth means a smoother cut, fewer teeth means that the blade removes more material. Crosscut blades have more teeth and make smoother cuts across the grain of the material, rip blades have fewer teeth, are optimized to cut with the grain, and remove a lot more material.

What are the 3 basic types of circular saw blades?

They are: Rip Blades, Crosscut, Combination and Specialty blades. Ripping saw blades are designed primarily to achieve a smooth, clean and safe cut when ripping wood or cutting in the same direction as the wood grain.

What is the difference between using a blade with 80 teeth as opposed to a blade with 18 teeth?

Cutting miters is basically crosscutting on an angle, and blades with higher tooth counts generally perform best when cutting across the grain. A blade with 80 or more teeth offers the crisp miter cuts you’re looking for.

Is Ipe more expensive than Trex?

Your initial cost for ipe decking materials will most likely be higher than those of Trex products. This is in part because it is imported from Central and South America. Also there is only so much ipe in the world.

How much is Ipe per linear foot?

On average, an Ipe board ranges between $4 and $8 per linear foot, or $3.50 to $5 per square foot. Most stores charge finished boards by linear foot, and untreated lumber by square foot.

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