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Then 20 year old Stihls ran on modern mix oils that had black on the crank case which is in effect pyralighted oil which in effect is petro coke. He cut a deal with a local dealer and buys bar oil by pallet load and mix oil by the case lots. I on the other hand buy bar oil by the gallon and mix oil by the 6 pack of little bottles.

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Can you use Klotz in a chainsaw?

SquareFile. I’ve been using Klotz benol for over a year. I do not recommend using it in a chainsaw.

Which motor oil is best for chainsaw?

Petroleum-based bar oil has been the standard for chainsaws. Lightweight oil is used in winter and heavier oil in summer.

What color is Klotz 2 stroke oil?

The Klotz castor is bright red.

Can I use any 2 stroke oil in my chainsaw?

Can I use any 2 stroke oil in my chainsaw? No, you can’t use any 2-stroke oil in your chainsaw. Some 2-stroke oils are built for motor oils, and this might damage your chainsaw. Also, 2-stroke oils for an air-cooled engine are different from a water-cooled engine.

Can you use snowmobile oil in a chainsaw?

Worked great, liked the smell, and ordered a case of four 1 gallon bottles and split it with him. Chainsaw oil and the high end motorsports oil may be engineered for their specific targets, but most of that overlaps and it’s fine to run it in saws.

What weight oil is chainsaw bar oil?

What viscosity is chainsaw bar oil? The viscosity of chainsaw bar oil can vary depending on the formula but 30W is standard. In cold weather, a thin 10W chainsaw oil may be advantageous, while very hot temperatures may require a much thicker 40W or 50W formula.

Can I use 10w30 for chainsaw bar oil?

As a matter of fact, you can actually use regular 10w30 motor oil on a chainsaw as one of the alternatives in case you don’t have bar and chain oil. That’s because 10w30 oil has enough thickness and viscosity that will allow it to withstand the friction that is happening whenever you are using a chainsaw.

Can you use 5w30 for chainsaw bar?

Can I Use 5w30 for a Chainsaw Bar? Like 10w30 motor oil, you can use 5w30 oil. However, the thin and low-viscosity SAE5 weight oil will not cling to the chain and chainsaw bar very well in the summer. You may experience a lot of oil loss and a messy worksite if you choose this chainsaw bar oil alternative.

Is Klotz oil any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great two stroke Oil with good smell. I am running it at 40:1 mix ratio with 100 octane fuel and it is performing very well. Does have some smoke but it is synthetic oil with castor oil.

What does Klotz oil smell like?

1 more vote for Klotz Super Techniplate. Smells like cotton candy, but I like the the protection it gives.

Is Klotz Synthetic?

Klotz 10W/40 Estorlin Racing Performance Synthetic Oil – NEW Formula for Crates – Case of 10 Quarts.

Is synthetic two-stroke oil better?

Synthetic two-stroke oil is better for the environment, producing lower deposits and emissions due to lower ash content. Petroleum-based two-stroke oils include non-lubricant solvents and additives that allow for easier gasoline mixing. These solvents and additives burn at a high clip and produce higher emissions.

Can you use 10w40 in a chainsaw?

You can but it’s not very good for the chain or the environment. The Husqvarna / Stihl stuff is much thicker and vegetable based so it doesn’t fling off the chain as easily or poison your garden! 10w30. Thicker.

Can you use car oil in a chainsaw?

Can You Use Used Motor Oil In A Chainsaw? It is not recommended to use motor oil on chain saws for safety reasons or concerns about equipment, but some people do not want to use it. The stickier the bar and chain oil is, the longer it stays on the chain.

Can I use 2 stroke snowmobile oil in my chainsaw?

I still use Quaker State 2 Stroke Snowmobile oil (very cheap at Crappy Tire) in the chainsaws (2), the outboard, the dirt bike, and the weed wacker. I save the better oil (used to use Amsoil and now use Spectro) for the sleds.

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