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Petrol chainsaws are a popular choice but they’re noisy, often expensive and need regular maintenance to keep them running effectively. Petrol chainsaws can have a reputation for being unwieldy and higher maintenance. In recent years, the performance of battery-powered garden machinery has improved, and a cordless chainsaw can pack enough power to rival petrol chainsaws.

We could be accused of being rather chain-saw mad here at Just Lawnmowers, and we have to confess to being slaves to the Petrol range! Just those petrol start ups and the smell of petrol as we work, there’s nothing quite like it! So present us with a Petrol Efco and we would drop everything to get to work! It doesn’t get much better than the Efco 132S 12″ Professional Chainsaw. We might be rather old school when it comes to chainsawing, and who doesn’t love the buzz of starting up your petrol chainsaw, but we have to say that this Bosch is cleaner, greener and quieter to use and we actually love it! So there we have it, our top three of petrol, electric, and battery powered chainsaws.

Typically, a 30-35cc chainsaw will provide similar cutting power to a battery chainsaw while remaining reasonably lightweight. For thick branches, many find that selecting a 36-41cc chainsaw will do the job and is a good all-rounder. A 50cc + professional use chainsaw is the best choice if you regularly cut large amounts of hardwood.

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Which chainsaw is best electric or petrol?

An electric chainsaw will give you enough power to prune trees and cut small branches. But if you’re looking for something more powerful, your best bet is always petrol. The amount of power a petrol chainsaw kicks out is directly related to how big the engine is.

Are electric chainsaws good enough?

The best uses and people who would benefit from an electric chainsaw include: Simple Cutting Tasks — An electric chainsaw is great for trimming limbs, removing branches, and clearing brush around your yard. They’re also great for reaching high up into a tree with an extension pole.

Is it worth buying an electric chainsaw?

An electric chainsaw has a multitude of benefits over a gas-powered device. They are much better for the environment due to the lack of harmful fumes. They are also much more affordable, since the actual devices themselves require less expensive components, less maintenance, and you don’t need to buy gas!

Is an electric chainsaw safer than a gas chainsaw?

Safer to Use Safety is an integral part of chainsaw operation. Electric chainsaws have several features that make them safer for casual users than their gas-powered counterparts: Lower chain speeds. Chains that run only when you’re actively cutting with your saw.

How long does an electric chainsaw last?

How long will a battery-powered chainsaw last? A battery-powered chainsaw typically runs about 30 to 40 minutes with intermittent use depending on the battery’s size.

How long can you run electric chainsaw?

Most battery-powered chainsaws have a run time of up to 2 hours, but there are high-capacity power packs that will last much longer. How long does a chainsaw last? Under normal usage, you can expect a good-quality chainsaw to last at least 10 years.

Can electric chainsaw cut trees?

Although electric chainsaws are smaller and easier to carry, most lack the power and stamina to cut down large trees. If you have big trees on your property that you want to remove or cut into firewood, a gas model is your best bet. Electric chainsaws come in two types: corded and battery-powered.

What is a petrol chainsaw?

A petrol chainsaw will make short work of cutting large logs down to size. For freshly felled firewood a petrol chainsaw is ideal due to the density of the wood fibres. Typically, a 42-50cc chainsaw would deliver the cutting power you need for large logs and regular use.

Do electric chainsaws have chain brakes?

40 volt Lithium Ion XR is a brushless motor chainsaw. The 16-in. bar and chain (made by Oregon, mentioned above) comes with a chain brake to prevent kickback, and is also auto-oiling.

What does a brushless chainsaw mean?

Unlike carbon brushes, the magnets in a brushless motor don’t need physical contact with other components to transmit a charge, so there’s less interference from friction. For greater efficiency in your cordless chainsaw, look for a saw with a brushless motor.

Is a 15 amp chainsaw powerful?

The powerful 15-amp motor provides consistent performance for years and easily tears through all common backyard chainsaw projects. The 18” bar is designed to take down standing trees with a diameter of up to 18” and can chop up a log on the ground twice that size.

What size tree can a 14 inch chainsaw cut?

Felling medium trees – 16” to 18” Cutting down medium size trees with a trunk of about 14″ to 16” will require a larger chainsaw of about 16″ to 18” to fell the tree in one easy pass.

Should I get a cordless chainsaw?

For everyone else, a battery-powered saw is an option worth considering. Battery-powered chain saws are convenient, quieter than gas-powered saws and lower maintenance. Also, if you own or purchase other outdoor power equipment that can use the same battery, it makes even more sense to own a battery-powered chain saw.

Do electric chainsaws have a clutch?

Gas powered chainsaws also have a clutch that electric saws don’t have, this is what allows them to keep running without the chain spinning until you give them throttle.

What is the quietest chainsaw?

Exceptional Cutting Quality Saws: For the quietest powerful saw you can’t beat the Husqvarna 316. Only the battery powered chainsaws (with a 4.5” bar) were quieter. The Makita UC 4000 is also an excellent choice, with only the Husqvarna and the battery powered chainsaws being quieter.

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