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Stihl 2 IN 1 EASY FILE CHAINSAW CHAIN SHARPENER. Innovative, time saving, and simple, are some of the words that spring to mind when asked to describe the Stihl 2 in 1 file chainsaw sharpener. The way the device locks onto the chainsaw itself, along with the carbide, ensures that you are getting not only an excellent cut, but also that each tooth is getting the same, at the same height and angle, and I think this makes it one of the best chainsaw sharpeners out there. Some chainsaw sharpeners are quite versatile and will be able to work with various chain sizes, but these are usually electric models and manual sharpeners tend to be only made for specific purposes.

Chainsaw sharpeners – be they manual or electric – allow chains to be sharpened at home. Choosing the best chainsaw sharpener will depend on how you prefer to work, and your chainsaw itself. Electric chainsaw sharpeners come with detailed instructions on how to use them.

There are manual chainsaw sharpening sets which are very affordable for taking on the job as well as electric models which are super-efficient and make the job much easier. Electric models are convenient but the price is higher compared to the other kinds of chainsaw sharpeners, however for around £50 you can get a very good model and it will pay for itself quickly if you usually have your chains sharpened by a chainsaw maintenance store. If you have the funds and you need fast sharpening, electric models work wonders and are very easy to use and much faster than using a manual sharpener.

They’re the best electric chainsaw sharpener because they’re an incredibly accurate tool that allows you to sharpen the chainsaw chain while it’s stationary, giving you more control. Husqvarna Chainsaw File 3/16″. Should you own a chainsaw with a 3/16-inch chain, this is the best manual chainsaw sharpener available. I did my best to show you good options for portable chainsaw sharpeners, the best electric chainsaw sharpeners, the best manual chainsaw sharpeners, and the best chainsaw files.

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What is the best chainsaw sharpener?

Best Overall: Oregon 410-120 120V Bench/Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder. For a chainsaw sharpener that will deliver consistent results and keep your tool in top shape, you can’t go wrong with the Oregon Bench/Wall-Mounted Saw Chain Grinder.

Is a chainsaw sharpener worth it?

Sharpening your chainsaw chain is definitely worth it as a sharp chainsaw chain is easier to work with. It takes less effort to cut through wood and your chain will make cleaner cuts with sharp blades. A chainsaw chain can be sharpened multiple times without much of a cost.

How many times can a saw chain be sharpened?

Cutters can be sharpened up to 10 times or more before the chain needs replacing. If your cutters are worn unevenly after a few sharpenings, a professional can regrind them to uniform shape. If you use the same chain for a few years, then buy a new one, the new one won’t mesh smoothly with the sprocket and bar.

Are electric chainsaw sharpeners good?

Electric chainsaw sharpeners work very well and are very powerful, restoring your chain to as-new condition with very little effort. However, they are usually more expensive and you do have to be careful not to overdo your sharpening, as you can end up filing the cutters too low.

Why does my chainsaw chain get dull so fast?

Dirt Causes A Chainsaw To Dull If you’re cutting through logs and your angle of approach is too steep, a simple cut through could nick dirt or even worse, rocks on the floor causing your chainsaw to jerk, thus dulling.

How much does it cost to have a chainsaw sharpened?

The cost to have a chainsaw sharpened ranges from $13 to $16. The average cost per chainsaw sharpening is $14.50 for people who choose to have their chainsaws professionally sharpened.

Can chainsaw blades be sharpened?

Chainsaw chains are sharpened with special files. While some professional loggers use square files like the ones to sharpen knives, almost all other chainsaw owners use round files for sharpening. There are three common sizes of chainsaw files: 5/32, 3/16 and 7/32. Select the correct size for your chain.

What angle do you sharpen a chainsaw with an electric sharpener?

You will need to place the blade in the chainsaw sharpener’s holder and then adjust the angle. What is this? Typically, the most common angles are usually between 0 degrees and 60 degrees. In some special cases, however, the angle could go to 80 degrees.

Why is my chainsaw bar smoking?

This most commonly is a result of a dull chain and exerting to much pressure on the bar and chain trying to make the chain saw cut. This could also be either a lack of bar and chain oil ( tank empty, restricted oiler hole ) or an inferior type of oil that is being slung off the chain and not lubricating.

How long should a chainsaw chain stay sharp?

A chainsaw may only need to be sharpened once a year if it is rarely used, but a tool that is frequently used will need to be sharpened regularly to ensure that the blade doesn’t get too dull. On average, a chainsaw blade will retain its sharpness for about 3 hours of actively cutting through wood.

How often should I change my chainsaw chain?

The chain sprocket must be replaced if the depth of the wear marks reaches about 0.5mm, i.e. the wear limit. A seriously worn chain sprocket can cause the chainsaw chain and guide bar to wear at an increased rate, as well as reducing cutting performance too, so it’s important to keep an eye on.

Will cutting wet wood dull a chainsaw?

Does Cutting Wet Wood Dull a Chainsaw? Using your chainsaw to cut through wet wood will not dull the chain any faster than using it for other types of wood. When you think about it, your chainsaw chain is already wet. True, it is not wet with water.

Why is my chainsaw burning the wood?

Your chainsaw burns wood because of poor lubrication Lubrication allows the mechanical parts to coordinate much better by avoiding a phenomenon of friction which risks causing traces of burns. This is one of the main reasons that your appliance gives off too much heat and that the wood burns.

What is the cutting edge of a chainsaw chain?

Chainsaw chains rotate in a clockwise direction, so the cutting edges should be facing away from the engine and to the right, on the top of the chain.

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