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“The single biggest improvement included in Ryobi’s PBLCS300 7 ¼” circular saw is the addition of a brushless motor. The Ryobi 7 1/4 circular saw PBLCS300 only comes for sale as a bare tool. The Ryobi 7 1/4 circular saw PBLCS300 has a great balance of power and performance, especially at its comparatively-low price point.

I do numerous “Projects” around the home and often need to make a couple of simple quick cuts, without hauling out my chop saw, table saw, or electric hand saw. Previously I would get out my old reliable manual hand saw, but with this tool on the shelf, my manual saw will sit in the drawer. I’ve had to adjust to power saws being right handed all my life, so like that Ryobi actually made a model for us lefties, but if you’re right handed and never had to accommodate, you might feel awkward using this model.

circular saw rip fence Related Question:

Can a circular saw Do rip cuts?

Use a Rip Cut Fence to Make Rip Cuts with a Circular Saw If you look at the shoe of your circular saw, nearly every model has slots to install a rip cut fence (AKA edge guide). These are typically metal T-shaped bars that slide in and lock down with a thumbscrew.

Are circular saw Rip Fences universal?

No, fences are not interchangeable on any circular saw. There are different widths. You can get a universal replacement set that would most likely fit.

What is the point of the rip fence on a circular table saw?

The rip fence, whether it is mounted on a table saw on inserted in a drive saw, is used as a guide in order to achieve the length, width, or type of cut that you prefer to make on your wood.

How long should a rip fence be?

How should a rip fence be positioned by the blade? Chris Marshall: Some woodworking experts advise that a rip fence should be adjusted so that it toes out and away from the blade by about 1/64th inch or so.

Which side of the lumber goes against the fence?

It’s always better to place your rip fence at the side of your dominant hand if you’re just new to table saws. Doing so makes it easier and safer to do. It also gives you better stability and control during cutting.

What type of fence should you use for a ripping operation?

The most commonly known is the T-square fence. A major manufacturer of this kind of fence comes from Biesemeyer. This style of rip fence is easy to adjust and operate. They’re made from steel and assist you with accurate rip cuts – or any other cut for that matter.

How do you cut straight with a circular saw without a guide?

To ensure a straight cut, press the saw firmly against the straightedge as you push it along. Clamp a perfectly straight board or metal straightedge to a sheet of plywood to make cabinet-quality straight cuts.

Can a circular saw cut a 4×4?

Circular Saw. A circular saw is one of the best means of cutting a 4×4 post. Most people own a circular saw, its portability makes it easy to cut 4x4s from the ground, and they can make precision cuts by using a relatively simple trick.

How do you use a circular saw without a table?

Fit your circular saw with an edge guide. Set the depth of the blade accurately enough for it to go through the wood and not cut under the surface. Place the guide on base of the circular saw lines and markings you made earlier on the wood. Ensure that the saw is free to move, and the power cord is not entangled.

What is Tablesaw fence?

A table saw fence, also called a rip fence, is one of those essential table saw accessories that aid you in making accurate cuts. It sits to the right of the table saw blade and is used to keep your board in place as you make a rip cut along the grain.

Will Home Depot rip wood for you?

Yes, Home Depot has a wood cutting area where they serve customers by cutting their wood to the size they need. Any of the wood that you purchase in-store will be cut for free in this area, however, they will not allow you to bring in your own wood from somewhere else.

Will Home Depot rip a 2×4?

Most Home Depot stores also have a radial arm saw, which allows them to cut dimensional lumber, 1” and 2” thick to length. However, they don’t have the capacity to crosscut 4”x 4”s or larger lumber. Nor do they do any ripping of boards, even in the cases where they have a table saw available.

Can a 5 1/2 inch circular saw cut a 2×4?

Yes! A 5.5 inch circular saw blade is perfect for cutting a 2X4. The blade capacity is deep enough to make a crosscut in 1 stroke. If you want to make a 45 bevel cut then you will need to make 2 strokes.

Can you rip 2×4?

You can rip 2 x 4 on a table saw effectively provided you set the rip fence correctly, use proper technique and use the right tools. The proper technique while ripping a 2×4 is to apply pressure in three directions, that is, against the rip fence, forward (for pushing the wood), and downwards for keeping the wood flat.

What are power saws?

A power saw is a portable mechanical machine used for both industrial and DIY projects. It is the type of power tool that comprises sturdy blades, chains, wire, set of teeth, etc. It is basically used for the work piece in large cuts. It can cut wood, plastic, metals, concrete and other materials like tiles and bricks.

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