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The categories generally differ in motor orientation and design, weight, torque, and RPMs. Perhaps most significantly, a worm drive saw was traditionally left-side blade and a sidewinder positioned itself with a right-side blade. There are a few things to consider that aren’t immediately evident in the left side vs right side circular saw blade conversation. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, imagine cutting a thin strip off a sheet of plywood with a blade right saw.

From what I’ve seen these past few years, corded circular saws are mainly right-handed saws. My best guess is that Dewalt was aiming for this full-size 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw to have a similar feel to full-size corded circular saws. While a lot of righties prefer the greater cut line visibility of left-handed saws, corded circular saw users are used to the feel of right-handed saws.

Most of these variables are fairly easy to understand – things like corded or cordless circular saws for example – but the difference between saws with blades on the left and those with blades on the right is not so straightforward. Some circular saws have their blades on the left side, and some have their blades on the right side – and all worm drive saws have the blade on the left. With a left-bladed saw to use the saw with two hands, you need to cross the blade with one of your hands.

Before you know why cordless saws are left-handed, it is better to learn their differences from right-handed ones. Right-Handed Circular SawA right-handed circular saw has the blade on the right side and the motor on the left. Left-Handed Circular SawCompared to the right-handed saw, the design of the left-handed circular saw is the exact opposite of course-the blade is on the left side and the motor on your right side.

Left-handers often face challenges when operating a corded circular saw on the right side of their body and they can find it difficult to cut and guide materials with a right-handed circular saw. Left-handers often find they have better luck with a Worm Drive circular saw because those typically have the blade mounted on the left hand side. While using a circular saw is a different experience for right and left-handers, using a left-handed drill bit has nothing to do with the handedness of the user.

circular saw right or left handed Related Question:

Are circular saws right or left-handed?

Cordless circular saws are typically left-handed as well. There have been some exceptions over the years, but most if not all of the 6-1/2″ and smaller circular saws I’ve seen and used have been left-handed.

What side should circular saw be on?

When appearance matters, make cuts with the good side facing down, as circular saws can splinter the wood on the top side. Making your cut line on masking tape can reduce splintering.

Are circular saws left hand thread?

Circular saws work similarly. Right-handed circular saws are not reverse threaded. However, left-handed circular saws are. Conversely, the blade secures with a bolt of the opposite threading.

Why are circular saws left-handed?

The placement of the cordless saw blade, on the left side, gives you a clearer line of sight when you cut. The reason for this is because the main bulk of your circular saw is not blocking your view. Cordless circular left-handed saws provide you better movability.

Which way should blade face on circular saw?

For blade-right models, the correct circular saw blade direction is usually with the label side out. For saws that have the blade on the left, it typically installs with the “ugly” side out. It’s not a hard, fast rule, though. You should always double-check.

Can a left-handed person use a chainsaw?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a left-handed chain saw. Left-handed persons should hold the chain saw in the same manner as a right-handed person would hold it. Your body should be in such a position that you have control over your balance. Avoid leaning over the chain saw when operating.

Can you put a circular saw blade on backwards?

When cutting vinyl siding with a circular saw, install a fine-toothed blade backwards on the saw for a smoother, cleaner cut, especially in cold weather (when the material is brittle).

Why does my circular saw burn the wood?

A dull blade will make it hard to cut quickly, and the slower the feed rate of the saw, the more friction against the wood and the greater the likelihood of scorch marks. Pushing the stock through the saw too slowly is a common cause of saw blade burn. Sometimes a blade that feels dull might only be dirty.

Why are there no left-handed chainsaws?

You can’t use a chainsaw left-handed because the blade is on the right side of the No, it can’t be done because the chain rotates clockwise as you look at the front of the saw, and this would make it difficult to control any cut with your left hand only.

Does Husqvarna make a left-handed chainsaw?

We do not offer a chainsaw that is able to be used left handed. All chain saws that we manufacture are designed for right handed use.

What is drop starting a saw?

Probably the most common and egregious error that I have seen is the “drop starting” of chainsaws. This is done by holding the saw in one hand and pulling the start cord with the saw held unsecured, with the other hand, in the air. The saw needs to be either on the ground or held and braced securely against a leg.

Can a circular saw cut a 2X4?

Yes, a 7-1/4 inch circular saw has plenty of blade depth to cut a 2X4. This blade size can even make quick and easy 45 degree angle bevel cuts through a 2X4.

Which way should saw teeth face?

When installing a new blade, make sure the teeth are pointing downward to enable a clean cut through the workpiece. Upward-facing teeth can cause a severe injury to the operator.

Is it better to have more teeth on a saw blade?

In general, blades with more teeth yield a smoother cut, and blades with fewer teeth remove material faster. A 10″ blade designed for ripping lumber, for example, usually has as few as 24 teeth and is designed to quickly remove material along the length of the grain.

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