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Make perfectly straight cuts up to 4 feet in sheet goods with guided cuttingCut sheet goods down to size with precision and ease by using the Kreg® Straight Edge Guide. The Straight Edge Guide Extension is available in 2-foot sections for projects that require greater cutting capacity. The Straight Edge Guide XL is also available for cuts in material up to 8 feet.

Making straight cuts in plywood is super easy when you have a straight edge to guide your saw. How To. See how easy and fast it is to make this Circular Saw Straight Edge Guide. Now you can have both of these cuts done for you at your home center, but if you have another sheet of plywood laying around that still has a straight factory edge on it, or another long straight edge, you can use that.

The Kreg KMA3700 lets you cut straight using your circular saw, and you can convert it into a track saw your circular saw using the Kreg KMA3700. Being mindful of the most recommended straight edge clamps and the factors to consider when buying leads you closer to finding the ideal straight edge clamp for your cutting needs. If you don’t possess that flawless eyeballing of the cut line and the steady hand to guide the circular saw through the cut line, you might as well use a straight edge guide.

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What tool is used to cut a perfectly straight line with a circular saw?

The Kreg Rip-Cut is an easy way for us to cut straight lines with our circular saw. The universal Rip-Cut sled attaches to most popular circular saws. The Rip-Cut fence follows the straight edge of our workpiece which ensures an accurate cut every time. The fence is adjustable and can make cuts up to 24″ wide.

Are circular saw good for straight cuts?

Even though they’re called circular saws, they’re not used for cutting circles or any irregular shapes for that matter. They’re for cutting straight lines. However, making a straight cut with a circular saw can be quite tricky especially if you’re a newbie and you don’t have enough experience with the tool yet.

Which cut is when you cut a straight 90 degree across the grain?

A crosscut is a straight, 90-degree cut that cuts across the grain of the wood. Usually, that means turning long boards into shorter ones. On a table saw, you will usually use a miter gauge to make crosscuts. It’s the most basic cut you can make.

Why can’t I cut wood straight?

Make sure that your table is secure and doesn’t wobble. If the workbench moves around while you’re cutting the wood, your cuts won’t be straight. Make sure that all the legs are even and that the table top is level. Secure the piece of wood to the table.

Why is my circular saw pulling to the right?

If the base plate is not parallel to the blade, the saw will also want to travel to the side. If your saw was dropped at some point the base plate could easily be out of alignment. Turning to the right would indicate that the base is farther from the blade at the front than it is at the back.

Why does my circular saw Buck?

Overheating a saw blade can cause it to warp and result in a kickback. Buildup of sap on the blades, insufficient set, dullness and unguided cuts, can all cause an overheated blade and kickback. Never set a blade deeper than is required to cut the work piece 1/8 in. to 1/4 in.

Why does my circular saw keep stopping?

Circular saws keep stopping due to a dull or damaged blade usually. However, problems like insufficient battery, or a damaged power cord can also cause a circular saw to keep stopping.

How was the first straight edge created?

The term straight edge was adopted from the 1981 song “Straight Edge” by the hardcore punk band Minor Threat. Straight edge emerged amid the early-1980s hardcore punk scene. Since then, a wide variety of beliefs and ideas have been associated with the movement, including vegetarianism and animal rights.

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