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Typically, an angle grinder is mainly used for metal, while circular saws are used for wood. Use the angle grinder for cutting through metal when it is necessary and save your circular saw for your wood projects as they come up. Deciding between using an angle grinder and a circular saw might seem like a tough decision when you don’t know what they are used for.

The debate between circular saw vs angle grinder is one that I’ve seen highlighted on many websites in recent years. Smaller Size – While comparable handheld circular saws aren’t huge, an angle grinder is usually more compact. Most of the time, a good angle grinder is much smaller than a circular saw and has its cutting and grinding apparatus at the end of the machine.

An angle grinder is a hand-held power tool used for cutting. Many different types of cutting wheel can be mounted on an angle grinder but they’re all essentially grinding wheels. Our vertical bandsaw is used more for cutting shapes than cutting to length.

An angle grinder is not a cutting tool in the same sense as a circular saw. A dangerous use of the angle grinder is to remove the grinding wheel and replace it with a circular saw blade. As can seen in the image above, the angle grinder has been converted into a defective circular saw.

Although manufacturers advise against cutting wood with a circular saw blade attached to an angle grinder. A decent angle grinder is often considerably smaller than a circular saw and has its cutting and grinding equipment at the machine’s end. When you don’t know what each tool is for, deciding between an angle grinder and a circular saw might be difficult.

circular saw vs angle grinder Related Question:

Can you use an angle grinder as a circular saw?

An angle grinder is not a cutting tool in the same sense as a circular saw. Angle grinders are fitted with abrasive wheels, not blades. These wheels operate by abrading the material they come into contact with. These wheels are not suitable for cutting wood: they have no teeth.

Is it safe to use angle grinder to cut wood?

Well, yes. You can cut wood with an angle grinder because it has the strength and capability to do so. However, that does not necessarily make an angle grinder the best option for the job. Although an angle grinder might be good for smaller jobs, you might think twice about handling a large job with this tool.

What is the difference between a cut off saw and a angle grinder?

A cut off tool can only be used for cutting, whereas an angle grinder provides you with cutting, shaping, sharpening, grinding, and other functions. A cut off tool can be easily operated with one hand, while the angle grinder requires both hands.

Can I use a jigsaw instead of a circular saw?

Although a jigsaw can be used for most of the tasks that a circular saw can perform, including straight cuts and cuts on a tilt, the jigsaw uses that really take advantage of the tool’s qualities are jobs such as kitchen fitting and joinery, with their frequent need for complex cuts.

Can I put a wood cutting disc on an angle grinder?

An angle grinder has its purpose if you’re simply seeking to cut little woodcuts (like the edges of trim) or carve portions of wood. However, either a three-tooth wood cutting disc or a wood carving disc should be used. When it comes to using an angle grinder for cutting wood, the correct kind of blade is required.

Can angle grinders be used for cutting?

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that can be used for a variety of metal fabrication jobs that include cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing and polishing. The most common types of angle grinder tools are powered by electricity; either corded or battery powered.

Can I use diamond blade to cut wood?

According to DIY blog, diamond blades aren’t the best choice for cutting wood. As stated earlier, these saws are manufactured to handle the toughest materials, and wood isn’t one of those. Wood, especially boards, have soft fibers which can easily be damaged when the cut is not done correctly.

What is an angle grinder good for?

An angle grinder is a power tool that can be used for different projects. You can cut metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, pavers, wood, and other dense materials; you can sand and polish different surfaces to sharpen tools and grind materials. Angle grinders can be used with different types of discs for different jobs.

What is the difference between an angle grinder and a regular grinder?

In a nutshell, a die grinder is typically smaller and has several different attachments that can help you cut, sand, polish, and various other things. The angle grinder is a larger and often heavier tool that uses a rotating wheel to grind, sand, or cut larger materials.

Can you use a multi tool as an angle grinder?

You can also find grinding discs, sanding pads, cutting discs, and much more. You can’t use the oscillating tool attachments on an angle grinder, and vice versa.

What saw should I buy first?

A jigsaw is great for cutting curves and shapes, and it can also be used with a guide to make straight cuts, which is why this is the first power saw you should own. Unless you plan to rip long sheets of plywood, a jigsaw is preferable over a circular saw.

Which is better miter saw or circular saw?

A circular saw excels at breaking down sheet goods, and a miter saw is best for cutting down longer boards. A miter saw is more precise, due to the handheld nature of the circular saw. A circular saw is less expensive than a miter saw, and it’s more portable. A miter saw is safer to use than a circular saw.

What can I use instead of a circular saw?

Jigsaw. A jigsaw is a great alternative to a circular saw as it can perform many of the same cuts. However, they can wonder and not give a perfectly straight cut unless they are supported by a guide along an edge. A sander or hand planer can also be used to finish off a jigsaw cut.

What can an angle grinder not cut?

The inspiration behind this creation is the natural defense mechanisms used by shells, grapefruit skins, and fish scales that makes them resistant from the attacks of various sea creatures. The material, named Proteus, cannot be cut using either angle grinders, drills, or high-pressure water jets.

Can I use a metal cutting disc on wood?

Can I Use a Metal Cutting Disc on Wood? The short and stupid answer is, yes. But, it’s not ideal and most pros would very much advise against using a metal cutting disc to cut wood.

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