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That’s always debatable, so we have the brand new DeWalt DCS570 20V Max Circular Saw to see what it can do in the 7-1/4-inch cordless class. As a bare tool, the DeWalt 20V Max Brushless Circular Saw rolls in at $159. That’s an excellent price for the performance you get and easily one of the best values currently available. DeWalt 20V Max Brushless Circular Saw Manufacturer’s FeaturesBrushless motor provides 5,200 RPM maintaining speed under load.7-1/4-in blade provides 2-9/16-in cutting capacity at 90°.57° bevel capacity with positive stops at 45 and 22.5 provides increased versatility.

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What means XR on DeWalt?

But what does XR mean on Dewalt? Dewalt XR was introduced back in 2011 and stands for extreme runtime. You can expect long lasting power with these top of the range tools. Dewalt are one of the most popular power tool brands known to man. They offer both corded and cordless tools of the best quality and standards.

Is Dewalt XR the best?

XR is the way to go definitely. XR on the tool refers to the motors being brushless which are more efficient and that equals better battery life. The XR line of batteries according to DeWalt last 33% longer than the 20v “max” line of batteries of the same size.

What is the difference between Dewalt XR and regular?

the main difference is the 20v XR tools have brushless motors while the standard 20v max tools have brushed motors. the brushless motors are more energy efficient and generate less heat, the advantage being extended run time / battery life.

What is better about Dewalt XR?

DEWALT 20V XR improved on the 20V MAX line by introducing brushless motors and high capacity lithium ion batteries. DEWALT 20V ATOMIC are designed to be compact and powerful for a wide range of applications.

Is Dewalt XR or atomic better?

Compared to the DCF885, the Atomic is far more powerful. The DCF885 tops out at 1,400 inch-pounds of torque but manages the same 3,200 impacts per minute. At the higher end of the XR range, the DCF887 slightly outperforms the Atomic model with 1,825 inch-pounds maximum torque and a peak 3,600 impacts per minute.

Is DeWalt brushless worth it?

So if you’re someone who does a fair amount of serious projects that require a drill, going with a brushless could make a lot of sense. It’ll give you higher speeds and power, and require less maintenance. But if you’re a DIYer tackling lighter projects, you may not notice much of a difference.

What is FlexVolt?

FLEXVOLT™ Batteries The 6.0 AH FLEXVOLT™ Battery** is the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. It offers the following: Up to 4X Runtime when used with DEWALT 20V MAX* tools. The Power of Corded when used with 60V or 120V tools.

Is DeWalt 20V MAX brushless?

The DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Drill/Driver is designed with a high performance brushless motor that delivers 340 unit watts out (UWO) and up to 57% more runtime over brushed motors. The drill/driver can complete a wide range of applications to help you power through the toughest of jobs.

When did DeWalt XR come out?

In 2013, DEWALT introduced its cordless 20VMAX* – XR line of Brushless power tools which includes brushless motors and high capacity lithium ion batteries.

What is the longest lasting DeWalt 20V battery?

The FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* 15.0 Ah battery provides the highest capacity of any battery on the DEWALT cordless system. It changes voltage when going from 20V MAX* to 60V MAX* tools and is compatible with a variety of 20V MAX* tools and chargers.

Can you charge DeWalt XR battery on a 20V charger?

Will I Need a New Charger? No! You can charge FlexVolt batteries in your existing Dewalt 20V Max chargers. There will be a new fast charger coming out to help speed things up.

Are DeWalt batteries interchangeable?

The compatibility of the battery depends on the voltage. Both the battery and tool must operate on the same voltage.

What is the difference between DeWalt DCS354 and DCS356?

Which is better? The DCS356 is more expensive and much higher rated on HD but the DCS354 seems to have slightly better specs at 3 speeds with max OPM of 20,000 (compared to one speed and max OPM of 18,000 for the DCS354).

Are DeWalt brushless tools better?

The main difference between brushless or brushed drill motors is that the brushed variants are made of carbon while the brushless units use magnets to generate power. For this reason, brushless motors are better adapted, generate no friction, produce less heating and provide better performance.

Do all DeWalt 20V batteries interchangeable?

Answer: Yes, all of our DEWALT 20V batteries and chargers are interchangeable within our DEWALT 20V product line.

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