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At other times, using the best stump grinders will be a must if the roots of the stump are causing damage to building foundations, sewer lines, or another type of important infrastructure. I’ve created a buyer’s guide that will discuss the benefits of using stump grinders, what features to look for, and how to choose a model that’s perfect for your stump removal needs. Using a stump grinder is the best way to get rid of a stump quickly and efficiently.

While many choose to load their stump grinders onto trailers and unload them at the job site, the Dr Stump Grinder comes with an optional towing attachment. Thankfully, the Dr Stump Grinder is pretty straightforward – simply start the engine, position the teeth over your target stump, engage the throttle, and rock the unit from side to side until the stump has been ground down to a pile of wood chip. The length of time it takes for a stump grinder to effectively remove a stump depends on the size and density of the stump and the power of the stump grinder.

These are the most important features you need to know about when using a Vermeer Stump Grinder. Dr Stump Grinder is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to tree stump removal. JANSEN STUMP GRINDER KOHLER 14HP. The Kohler 14 horsepower stump grinder is another great option that is similar to the Dr Stump Grinder.

If you’re interested in looking for the best stump grinders available for you, read on.8 Best Stump Grinders Review. If you’re planning to do the stump grinding yourself, you must choose smaller stump grinders that you can manage in terms of its weight and size. Check if the track stump grinders or the handlebar stump grinders you have shortlisted have an emergency stop button or drum brakes that the user can easily access.

At age 53,back in 2003 I bought a Vermeer 252 , just to do some stumps on my property. I then I advertised ,just to have something to do on Saturdays…That caught on and now at age 71, its 13 years later and I have just about as much work as I care to do…However, ,I still have the same original 252.It’s a great “Niche” machine… It’s great for stumps in tight ,restricted areas,etc… I don’t take on the giant stumps,and stick to the size it’s designed for…Maintain it religiously…Might just do the 38 Briggs conversion if the 25 Kohler EVER conks out…Old hotrodders are never satisfied !!Just my $0.02 worth of advice.

chainsaw stump grinder reviews Related Question:

Can you use a chainsaw to grind a stump?

A chainsaw, however, can grind up a stump and leave it all but gone; still, you can’t use a chainsaw to completely grind away a stump. After much of the stump is gone, however, dirt and other material can cover the stump so it won’t be noticed.

Is it worth buying a stump grinder?

If you’re regularly performing yard work that involves cutting down trees and removing stumps, it’s worth your while to buy a stump grinder instead. We recommend doing some number-crunching and determining if you will have enough jobs to pay for the stump grinder you want.

What should I look for when buying a stump grinder?

When choosing a Stump Grinder it’s a function of stump size, hardness and number of stumps. Stump removal can be a difficult project with a number of different variables, but when done correctly a stump grinder ‘grinds time down’ in completing the job.

What kind of stump grinder do I need?

If you have a stump that’s over 12″ in diameter, you will do best to consider a larger grinder. This is the kind that has to either be towed by a vehicle or one that is hauled on a large trailer. These grinders make the job go much quicker and also do a better job of effectively grind a stump.

How far down does a stump grinder go?

While tree stump grinding experts typically grind stumps to between 4 and 6 inches below the ground level, stump grinders can go deeper. Some can grind stumps up to 13 – 20 inches below the ground surface. And others, like vertical stump grinders, can go as deep as 62.5” below grade.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, however, it does leave the tree’s roots behind. If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be quite large, but the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape.

Is a stump grinder hard to use?

This is a loud, powerful machine with a sophisticated hydraulic system, but it’s surprisingly simple to operate. But, before you crank up the motor and start grinding away, it’s important to prep the area for the stumpectomy.

Are stump grinders self propelled?

Self-Propelled Stump Cutter/Grinder The SP5014 Stump Cutter features heavy-duty construction (1,650 pounds), hydraulic steering and four-wheel stance. This combination offers unmatched stability and maneuverability.

How long does it take to grind a stump with a stump grinder?

How long will the stump grinding process take? For one stump, the process can take 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the stump, the location, and more.

Are there different sizes of stump grinders?

There are different size stump grinders ranging in power from 5 to 100 horsepower. Most smaller stump grinders only grind to ground level. If you want to plant grass after having a tree stump removed, then the stump will need to be grinding at least 6″ into the ground.

How big is a stump grinding machine?

A pedestrian stump grinder like the one pictured weighs around 160kg, is 73cm wide and can grind down to around 30cm. Pedestrian grinders require a fair amount of physical labour but can access most if not all tree stumps.

How long does it take to grind a 24 inch stump?

Depending on size, it can take as little as 15 minutes all the way up to 2 hours. We have a very powerful machine that is much more efficient than smaller units that can be rented.

Can a tree grow back after stump grinding?

We get this question a lot. The answer is no, tree roots cannot re-sprout a tree after the stump has been ground down. The roots will simply deteriorate over time. Some folks hear this and then fear there might be a gaping sinkhole in their yard in five years – but this isn’t something you have to worry about either.

Can you grow grass over a ground tree stump?

Planting Grass Over a Stump Stump grinding is an effective solution because it reaches below the soil line to pulverize as much of the stump and its roots as possible. Once the stump has been turned into a pile of sawdust, resist the urge to rake it out into the grass to create a level surface for new grass seed.

Does stump grinding attract termites?

No, tree stump grindings do not attract termites. While they can create the perfect environment for termites –where the termites can get food and shelter –, they don’t have a unique scent or properties that make termites drawn to them.

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