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To get the correct size, simply count 3 rivets on the chain and measure the distance between them from the centre points. Now divide this by half to get your size. As an example, three rivets that measure ½ an inch across divided by two gives you a pitch of a ¼ inch.

72.John DeereNotesBar LengthReplacement Chain SizeNumber of Drive Links8, 9, 61, 81, 91Chain length may vary depending on make of bar. “3/8″.050. 25EV, 28V, 30V, 35EV, 40VChain length may vary depending on make of bar. Count drive lugs on existing chain.”12″. 78.2036, 2040Some models used 3/8”.050 chain. “Models with chain brakes use 3/8” low profile chain. “Chain length for 14” may vary depending on make of bar. 72.35238, 35618, 35623358 model number prefix. 57.605, 606 ElectricChain length may vary.

“Using the wrong size bar or chain can damage the chainsaw and injure the chainsaw operator,” says Vince Christofora of Woodstock Hardware. Read on to learn how to measure your chainsaw’s bar and chain. Sometimes called a chainsaw blade, the chainsaw bar is the metal “Arm” that holds and supports the chain during cutting.

CS40, CS50, 245, 250, 252, 290,300 Chain length may vary depending on the make of the bar. John Deere Notes Bar Length Chain Size # of Drive Links 8, 9, 61, 81, 91 Chain length may vary depending on the make of the bar. “Models with chain brakes use a 3/8” low profile chain.

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How do I know what size my chainsaw chain is?

To determine the pitch (chain size), you’ll need to measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets, then divide the result by 2. The rivets are the small, round pegs/studs that hold the chain segments together. Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain?

The . 325 may be smaller and faster, but it may not be your best bet for your everyday needs. The three-eighths-inch chain is durable and lasts longer than its smaller cousin. This makes it one of the more popular switches for chainsaw users who want to get more out of their saw.

How do I know what size chain to buy?

After a measurement is obtained, its a good idea to opt for a necklace size that is at least the second size up from your neck size. For example, if you have an 18 inch neck, you should probably choose a chain length of 20 inches or more. An 18 inch chain would feel too tight.

What chain size do I need?

In other words, if you have a heavy-duty cargo bike or tricycle, you need a 5/32″ chain. If your bike is equipped with the derailleur, you need a 3/32″ or 11/128″ chain. If you have a single-speed or internally geared bike, you need either 1/8″ or 3/32″.

What’s the difference between 404 and 3/8 chain?

Secondly, the numbers 3/8″ and . 404″ refer to the pitch (distance) between the drive links – these are the bits on the chain that stick down and engage with the drive sprocket on the saw, and the sprocket on the roller-nose end of the bar.

What is the difference between a R56 and a S56 chainsaw chain?

The difference is the width of the chain track. S56 is . 050″ and R56 is . 043″.

What do Oregon chain numbers mean?

Chain pitch is the size of the chain and is defined as the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two. Oregon chain is made in several pitches – 1/4″ is the smallest, 3/8″ is the most popular, and 3/4” is the largest.

Are .325 and 3/8 chains interchangeable?

You can replace a 3/8 Oregon PowerMatch nose with a . 325 PowerMatch nose on any length of Oregon PowerMatch bar you want. Then when you use up the . 325 chain just put the 3/8 nose and rim sprocket back on.

What is the correct file size for 325 Stihl chain?

325″ Pitch Saw Chains. STIHL Files come specifically designed for each pitch of saw chain, with this particular round file suited for use with a . 325″ pitch chain. The file size is 4.8mm x 200mm.

What does the numbers on a chain saw chain mean?

0.050″ (1.3 mm) and 0.058″ (1.5 mm) are most common, 0.043″ (1.1 mm) and 0.063″ (1.6mm) less common. Pitch and gauge together determine the size of chain. Length is determined by counting the number of drive links, also called drive lugs. (see picture below).

How big is a 16 inch chain?

16″: A 16″ necklace hits just above the collarbone and fits like a choker. This is the ideal length for petite frames and is one of the most common women’s necklace lengths.

How do I tell what grade my chain is?

Just look for the “L” and then the number after it. Each number following the “L” corresponds with a grade of chain. On grade 70 this can also show that the chains are DOT approved! The “L” represents Laclede and our commitment to high quality chain products.

What is a 420 chain?

– All PEER roller chains incorporate solid rollers enhancing rotation on the. bushing while reducing impact loads on the sprocket tooth during operation. – All chain components are heat treated to achieve maximum strength. and greater wear resistance.

What is the difference between 1 8 and 3/32 chain?

A 1/8″ chain is the most common chain found on single speeds, and 3/32″ chain is the most common chain found on derailleur equipped bikes. A 1/8″ chain will fit on parts that are either width. 3/32″ chains will only fit on parts designed to work with 3/32″ chains.

How many links should my chain have?

Bicycle drive chain length A new bicycle chain usually comes with 116 links. This is long enough for the biggest chainrings and for most distances of rear wheel from front chainrings. So for optimal length a new chain is usually shortened from the 116 links that come in the box.

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