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A chainsaw may only need to be sharpened once a year if it is rarely used, but a tool that is frequently used will need to be sharpened regularly to ensure that the blade doesn’t get too dull. On average, a chainsaw blade will retain its sharpness for about 3 hours of actively cutting through wood.

Of course, you can hire a professional to sharpen your chainsaw, but most DIYers can learn how to sharpen a chainsaw in order to handle the job on their own and save some money in the process. If you’ve noticed that your chainsaw no longer cuts as easily and cleanly as it once did, it’s a good time to learn how to sharpen the chainsaw blade and check for dull or sharpened teeth. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, read on to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain and keep the chainsaw blade in good working order.

When you have to sharpen your chainsaw chain dependent on the quality of the chain and how often you use it. It is good to note the life expectancy of a chainsaw as that determines how often you need to sharpen it. The professionals use grinders to remove the imperfections from the chainsaw so, ensure a grinder is not used regularly to sharpen your chainsaw chain.

Dirt, sand, rocks, nails and charcoal etc will dull a chain almost instantly. Even if you are cutting clean wood/timber, over time, the chain will eventually dull. It is not uncommon for a skilled chainsaw user to sharpen their chain in between re-fuels.

He keeps buying more chains and after reading some posts on this forum I’m gonna see if I can interest him in sharpening his own rather than buy, buy, buy. I have a gal friend who can cut more trees with less trouble and I’ve used her chainsaw under her supervision but I’ll be if I can advise hubby. We have plenty of hard wood…a large oak that needs to come down, let alone cut up what has already…also plenty of black walnut trees that need to come down.

Sharpening and changing chains is a PIA. I bought a Stihl Rapid Duro carbide chain. Supposed to last 4X longer that a regular chain, but I think it will go even longer than that. Dead trees with any amount of rot will dull your chains very quickly.

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How often do you need to sharpen your chainsaw chain?

In most cases, sharpening the chain should happen after ten times of being in use, while in other situations, you have to sharpen it after every session.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

Sharpening your chainsaw chain is definitely worth it as a sharp chainsaw chain is easier to work with. It takes less effort to cut through wood and your chain will make cleaner cuts with sharp blades. A chainsaw chain can be sharpened multiple times without much of a cost.

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

Dirt Causes A Chainsaw To Dull If you’re cutting through logs and your angle of approach is too steep, a simple cut through could nick dirt or even worse, rocks on the floor causing your chainsaw to jerk, thus dulling.

How long should a chainsaw blade last?

The lifetime of a chainsaw chain has no fixed limit and depends on usage and maintenance. The chain should last many years; 5-6 years should be no problem. However, if the chainsaw chain is used properly and taken care of, it can last way longer.

How much does it cost to sharpen chainsaw chain?

A typical chainsaw can be sharpened up to 10 times before it’s time for a replacement. The cost to have a chainsaw sharpened ranges from $13 to $16. The average cost per chainsaw sharpening is $14.50 for people who choose to have their chainsaws professionally sharpened.

How long does a chainsaw bar last?

Re: how long does a bar last The next, a Granberg, lasted about 2 months. About that time Stihl started using them with the same results. A good bar can be filed a few times on both sides and the tip replaced when needed. They could last almost as long as the saw.

Is it better to sharpen chainsaw chain or buy new?

Sharpen before replacing If your chainsaw chain becomes dull after a long lifespan, it will struggle to cut through the wood at the efficiency it once had. This is why, where possible, you should be looking to keep the will be chain sharp, as sharpening a better course of action than sourcing a replacement.

Why does a chainsaw cut crooked?

One major reason a chainsaw curves to either the right or left during a cut is that it was unevenly sharpened. The unequal teeth of the chain cause it to take a different-sized bite into the wood. What is this? The uneven sharpness of the chain is mainly due to manual sharpening, especially with the use of a file.

Does cutting wet wood dull a chainsaw?

Does Cutting Wet Wood Dull a Chainsaw? Using your chainsaw to cut through wet wood will not dull the chain any faster than using it for other types of wood. When you think about it, your chainsaw chain is already wet. True, it is not wet with water.

Does hard wood dull a chainsaw?

Re: Chainsaw and oak Very hard but really puts out the heat in the fireplace. If you cut it green it is not too bad. After it has dried it will dull a chain about each tank of gas. And that was Stihl chain.

Why does my chainsaw bar smoke?

This most commonly is a result of a dull chain and exerting to much pressure on the bar and chain trying to make the chain saw cut. This could also be either a lack of bar and chain oil ( tank empty, restricted oiler hole ) or an inferior type of oil that is being slung off the chain and not lubricating.

What is the longest lasting chainsaw chain?

Even more durable than standard chain is carbide-tip chainsaw chain. Carbide tips last longer than chrome and are not affected by heat. Because of these qualities, carbide chain is excellent for cutting objects that would dull standard chain quickly, such as railroad ties.

How much does it cost to service a chainsaw?

THE AVERAGE CHAINSAW SERVICE IS $100 TO $125 If we can find ways to help save you money, we will suggest them to you. If we do not feel it is worth repairing, we will tell you so.

Does Ace Hardware sharpen chainsaw chains?

Our experienced professionals will machine sharpen your chain saw for pitch-perfect cutting edges: tooth-after-tooth. Bring your chain saw into Steadman’s Ace Hardware and let one of the friendly, experienced mechanics give it a tune up.

What is the best angle to sharpen a chainsaw?

Always file at right angles to the guide rail. The right sharpening angle depends on the saw chain and the wood that you want to cut. The sharpening angle will generally be between 25° and 35° – the harder the wood, the greater the angle.

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