Video- Cutting a 45 degree Angle with a Circular Saw. As the first step, I’ll show you how to use a circular saw to do a 45° angle bevel cut. This DIY guide will teach you how to make a 45 degree cut in wood using a circular saw.

There are two basic types of 45-degree angle cuts one can make with a circular saw – the miter cut and the bevel cut. While these cuts are typically made using a compound miter saw, you can also cut a 45-degree angle bevel using a circular saw. Keep in mind you can cut the miter angle to whatever angle you like, and the bevel angle to any angle as long as your saw’s bevel angle adjustment goes that far.

Smooth angle cuts Photo 1: Line up the saw and guide. Then use the same cutting technique for angle cuts as we showed for right-angle bevel cuts. Many saws have a set of notches or marks on the front of the base plate to help in aligning and guiding the saw for freehand cuts.

Thus, for most woodworks at home or workshops, you need to know how to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw. The key to achieving a perfect 45° angle cut is to set the circular saw angle guide properly. Once you know how to cut 45 degree angle with circular saw, your woodworking life will get more relaxed and comfortable.

how to use circular saw to cut 45 degree Related Question:

Can you cut 45 degree angles with a circular saw?

Making 45-degree cuts with a circular saw might seem like an intimidating process, but with a little bit of preparation and practice, anyone can do this. There are two possible 45-degree angle cuts with a circular saw, a bevel cut, and a miter cut.

Can I use a circular saw to cut angles?

Circular saws can do more than just rough framing. With the techniques in this article you can make perfect angle, miter and even compound miter cuts.

Can a circular saw make miter cuts?

When extreme precision isn’t required, you can cut 45-degree miters using a portable circular saw and speed square. 7. Hold the square against the board, then guide the saw along the square to make the cut.

What kind of saw do I need to cut 45 degree angle?

Things You’ll Need Miter saws virtually guarantee straight 45-degree cuts. Cutting a 45-degree angle through a material requires first marking the material in the correct location and at the right angle. The material can then be sawed through on the marked line using a circular saw or powered miter saw.

Why are my 45 degree cuts not lining up?

This can happen even if you get the 45 degree cut spot on. Usually if you still can’t get the miter joint to close perfectly, it’s because you either cut one piece too long (or too short), or the blade itself was not perpindicular (90 degrees) from the base.

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