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The player must complete the game on any difficulty within 4 hours in order to unlock it. Like all the other unlockables, the Circular Saw will be put in the Item Box on subsequent playthroughs and refreshes in the Item Box should players discard it at any given time.

There are quite a few different hidden unlockables in Resident Evil 7 one of the most powerful is the Circular Saw. In order to complete this task, we highly recommend you beat Resident Evil 7 at least once and make careful notes of where each key item is located. After you complete the game in less than four hours, you’ll obtain one of the best weapons in all of Resident Evil 7.

While players who preordered the game will have this difficulty mode unlocked right from the start, those who picked up the game after its launch will need to complete the game on Easy or Normal difficulty to unlock Madhouse Mode. That’s the only requirement to unlock this special weapon, which is rewarded to players at the end of the game, during the final boss fight. One of the most efficient weapons you can get in the game, this special melee weapon can only be unlocked by completing the game in under 4 hours.

From a brand new difficulty mode that completely changes the game to new weapons and items that only increase replayability, Resident Evil 7 isn’t over until you get every unlockable. While Resident Evil has never shied away from dynamic difficulty changes, Madhouse redefines Resident Evil 7 as a video game – upping the tension and forcing you to think carefully about how you use their resources. Unlike Resident Evil Village, which has a host of unlockable guns, Resident Evil 7 only has the one.

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How do you unlock the Circular Saw in re7?

It can only be unlocked by completing the game in under 4 hours, which is a pretty tough feat! One of our favorite weapons in Resident Evil 7, the Circular Saw is rewarded to players after they beat the game in under 4 hours. It’s especially powerful against the Molded, and a very handy tool to have around.

Can you get the Circular Saw on easy Resident Evil 7?

beat the game in under 4 hours to unlock the circular saw and x-ray glasses. difficulty level does not matter. i only tested them out on easy and was surprised how good it is. will try at madhouse difficulty in the future.

Is the Circular Saw good re7?

The Circular Saw is a bonus weapon you get for beating the game in 4 hours or less, and is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game- it does mega damage, barely needs aiming, and never runs out of ammo. It is invaluable for a Madhouse run, but handy for really any type of killing-things scenario.

How do I get xray on re7?

The player must complete the game within 4 hours to unlock it. After clearing the game, the X-Ray Glasses will be put in the Item Box in subsequent playthroughs. If the player attempts to discard them, they will instead be sent back to the Item Box.

What do you get for beating Resident Evil 7 in under 4 hours?

Successfully beating the game in less than four hours will unlock the ‘Just Get me Outta Here’ Achievement/Trophy and the Circular Saw weapon for use in subsequent playthroughs. That weapon, in turn, makes surviving Madhouse difficulty much easier.

How do you unlock New Game Plus re7?

Resident Evil 7: Starting New Game Plus This means that your health increases and reload speed will carry over to your next game, even on Madhouse difficulty. To start new game plus, simply start a new game from the main menu, and you’ll find your unlockable items at the first proper save room.

How hard is Resident Evil 7 madhouse?

It’s absolutely grueling if the southern gothic atmosphere didn’t clue players in on how gritty it could get. In every way, the game is seen to get more difficult. There are fewer supplies, enemies hit harder and take more damage to kill, and to make matters worse, almost all of the autosaves are removed.

How do you guard re7?

To block your enemies, simply tap and hold down the L1 (or LB if you’re on Xbox One). You can hold the button while you’re being attacked by enemies to reduce how hurt you’ll be. However, if you hit it at the right time – just before the enemy attack lands – this reduction becomes even greater.

How do you use a re7 chainsaw?

Press the reload button to rev the chainsaw back to life. Jack will come at you with some bizarre chainsaw scissors. Use a combination of blocking and kicking those hanging corpses to avoid and stagger him. Swipe at Jack when you have openings, using the center pillar to avoid Jack’s attacks.

How do you get infinite chainsaw fuel in re7?

Infinite Fuel Chainsaw Chainsaw with unlimited Fuel. To obtain the Infinite Fuel Chainsaw, you need to beat the game on Madhouse difficulty under 6 hours, and have successfully obtained all Mr. Everywhere figurines.

What happens after you beat re 7?

There are a great many things that can be done after the end of the game. Especially since the release of the complete edition, the game is packed full of additional content for players to take a look at. Extra playthroughs, trophies, and more are available for players who want to stick around after the credits roll.

What happens when you beat re7 on easy?

Many players have reported that this is easiest to achieve on the game’s Easy Mode, which features far less of a challenge than the harder difficulties. Awarded for completing the game on Normal, this item allows Ethan to block more of the incoming damage that he received from enemies when blocking.

What happens if you shoot all the bobbleheads in Resident Evil 7?

In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Mr. Everywhere Statuettes are a type of collectible that can be obtained by breaking the hard-to-find bobbleheads. Destroying all 20 will unlock an achievement, and breaking all in a playthrough will unlock Walking Shoes and The Essence of Defense for the next playtrough.

How many antique coins are in re7?

What are Antique Coins used for in Resident Evil 7? In the game’s default Easy and Normal difficulties, there are 18 Antique Coins to find, and can be spent in the Yard (specifically the Trailer before you head to the Old House) and the Swamp (inside the safe house).

Can you get infinite ammo RE7?

How to get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7. Completing the game on Madhouse will get you Infinite Ammo for all your weapons that use ammunition. Note that this doesn’t apply to Chainsaw Fuel, which has its own infinite fuel reward to earn.

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