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The #1 best-selling and most popular Makita chainsaw for homeowners is the 36v battery-powered Makita XCU03PT1 – here on Amazon. Makita chainsaws are manufactured by Makita Engineering Germany. Makita manufactures good electric and gas chainsaws.

The Makita 16 inch electric chainsaw has also been designed to automatically reduce the power of the motor when it has been overloaded. This Makita cordless chainsaw review highlights the features of one chainsaw that will come in handy if you are looking for a saw that gives you the free reign to move about when chopping, slicing, and trimming wood. Makita products are built to be durable and through its Extreme Protection Technology, Makita chainsaws are able to last long.

A cordless chainsaw won’t replace a full-size gas saw, but they’re great for part-time use on the job site, around the property and even in the woodworking shop. For an arborist or landscaper who uses a gas saw daily, cordless tools aren’t likely to replace any of the saws in their arsenal just yet. Sold as: HCU02ZX2 saw with battery adaptor / HCU02C1 kit with saw, 36V battery and charger.

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Are Makita chain saws good?

It goes without saying quality chainsaw trousers as well as boots designed for chainsaw use go a long way to in helping improve safety, and so with all those factors in mind, the Makita DUC355Z Twin 18v 36v Cordless Chainsaw 35cm Bar is the best cordless chainsaw in the UK without question in my experienced and fully

Are Makita chainsaws as good as Dolmar?

Makita gas-powered tools are exactly the same in design and quality as the Dolmar power equipment. Because the two companies joined forces so many years ago, Makita has had plenty of experience in maintaining and producing the engineering features that Dolmar’s fans have come to look for: High power-to-weight ratio.

Where are Makita gas chainsaws made?

Manufactured in Germany by the Makita owned Saches Dolmar Company who developed the first petrol chainsaw back in 1927, today they continue to design and produce quality petrol, electric and cordless chainsaws.

How long does battery last on Makita chainsaw?

The Bottom Line and Pricing Like most cordless chainsaws, the major limitation is runtime. Even with the two 5.0 amp hour batteries that it comes with, you can easily run through them in 30 minutes if you’re on a roll. That means you’ll need two or three sets to cycle through if you have a lot of work on hand.

Where are Makita battery chainsaws made?

Where are Makita chainsaws made? Makita is based in Anjō, Japan but also operates factories in Brazil, China, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Rwanda, and the United States. Makita acquired Dolmar in 1991 and also has a factory for chainsaws in Hamburg, Germany.

Is Dolmar a good brand?

Out of the box it is the best chain saw I’ve run in the past twenty years. I run Huskavana saws for 30 years but the new ones have junk carburetors and don’t last like the older saws. The Dolmar has plenty of power, not a lot of weight and very easy to start.

What happened to Sachs Dolmar?

Rest assured, Dolmar string trimmers are not gone. However, the name has changed to Makita. The same design, engineering, and manufacturing standards still provide reliable quality, powerful performance, and ergonomic comfort. So while the name has changed, the characteristics that made Dolmar a trusted brand remain.

Where is Makita made?

Makita. Since 1985 Makita has produced products here in the U.S.A. at a facility just outside of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia.

Which is better chainsaw STIHL or Husqvarna?

While buyers tend to prefer Stihl’s chainsaws for personal use, Husqvarna is preferred by professionals. Husqvarna chainsaws cut faster and have better warranties but cost more. Stihl’s products are cheaper and easier to maintain. Both Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws utilize modern safety switches.

What happened to McCulloch chainsaws?

McCulloch Today In 1999 McCulloch sold its European division to Husqvarna AB. Nine years later, Husqvarna also acquired the rights to the McCulloch brand on the North American market. Since then, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna Group.

Who makes the Ryobi chainsaw?

From what I have been able to find is that Ryobi is owned by the Hong Kong based, Techtronic industries that own a few other companies. From what I could find I believe they do almost all there manufacturing in China. This is no means 100% proven, but more what I found from researching.

Is STIHL made in America?

Most of the STIHL products sold in the USA are made in Va. Beach, Virginia and a majority of the STIHL engines or “powerheads are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components”.

Who makes Poulan Pro chainsaw?

The Poulan brand name is used primarily for outdoor power equipment, such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers, aimed at the mid-level consumer market. Since Poulan is owned by Husqvarna, the two brands often share technologies.

Is Dolmar now Makita?

Makita USA acquired Dolmar and began manufacturing Dolmar-branded equipment in 1991. Makita has now begun the process of transitioning off of the Dolmar brand.

Do they still make Pioneer chainsaws?

The company was acquired by the Husqvarna/Electrolux company in 1979, though chain saws continued to bear the Pioneer logo and name after the acquisition. Pioneer chain saws were no longer manufactured after 1988.

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