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Worm drive circular saws were the original version and now there are many on the market. This is another worm drive saw from Skilsaw but this time one for a very specific use – according to the manufacturer, this is the world’s first fully integrated worm drive saw for scoring and cutting concrete accurately. If you are looking for a worm drive saw for cutting concrete or similar materials, this model should be high on your list of possibilities.

While the standard or ‘sidewinder’ saw is what most people think of when they think of a circular saw, the worm drive saw is another handheld circular that’s a little larger and heavier, but delivers more power overall. “So all in all, our #1 recommendation for the best worm drive saw is, like we already mentioned, the Makita 7 ¼” Magnesium. This saw isn’t quite as light as the SKILSAW, but its engineering, quietness – and not to mention its power – set it over the top as the best performing, best all-around worm drive in our book.

Cordless rear handle circular saws meet the needs of Pros looking to cut the cord on worm drives and the field is becoming more crowded this year. For two years, it topped our charts as the best overall cordless rear-handle circular saw until Flex finally managed to eek ahead in 2022. We need to get the saw in our hands to know for sure, but there’s every indication that Makita can challenge Flex for the number one overall spot as the best cordless rear-handle circular saw.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of reviews for the best worm drive saws, complete with a handy buyer’s guide to fill you in on everything you need to know before buying your first worm drive saw. Worm drives have the advantage of requiring a much smaller gearbox than those used for spur gears, which is what allows them to be placed directly behind the blade in worm drive circular saws. For a complete discussion of the differences between these two types of saws, check out our article on worm drive vs direct drive circular saws.

We look at the best worm drive saws to see what makes them so different. Narrowing down the best worm drive saws was a challenge because there are so many types available. Comparing a worm drive saw with a sidewinder saw, or a direct drive variety is a bit like comparing a car of today with a vehicle from the 1970s.

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Are worm drive circular saws better?

Worm drive saws offer more durability and power because they have larger teeth which have a more loading capacity than regular circular saws. This feature enables the user to handle loads with high shock. It can handle tougher projects because it has great muscle to pitch cut.

Who makes the lightest worm drive circular saw?

Lightweight Worm Drive Skilsaw. The latest and lightest Worm Drive continues the long tradition of SKIL quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., its 4 lbs.

What makes a worm drive saw better?

Advantages of a Worm Drive Circular Saw The longer distance between the handle and the blade extends your reach while making a cut, which is helpful for crosscutting sheet goods. A worm drive also has larger gear teeth with more load-carrying capacity than a direct drive, which provides more power but also adds weight.

What is the difference between worm drive and Sidewinder?

Sidewinder vs Worm Drive Torque A worm drive saw has larger gear teeth with more load-carrying capacity than a sidewinder, offering more power and durability. It also allows the saw to handle higher shock loads. It has more muscle to plunge cut and handle tougher jobs.

Why are worm drive saws left-handed?

Traditionally, all worm drive saws operated in a blade-left orientation. Furthermore, this orientation likely places the weight of the saw over the portion of the material the user wants to keep, making it easier to stabilize the saw during the cut.

What is Dewalt worm drive?

The DWS535 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Circular Saw has a 15 Amp motor that delivers 4,800 rpm and features 53° bevel capacity for advanced applications. Lightweight and durable magnesium construction for optimum user handling, comfort, and strength includes electric brake which stops blade after the trigger is released.

What is Sidewinder saw?

A sidewinder uses a motor with what’s technically called a spur-gear. By nature of this gear, the motor must be in line with the spinning blade, and this means the blade spins fast, in the neighborhood of 6,000 rpm. As you can see, the motor position allows for a fairly compact lightweight saw.

How much does the DeWalt worm drive weight?

Popular 7-1/4″ worm drive circular saws range from around 11-1/2 pounds to a little over 14. The DeWalt FlexVolt Worm Drive Style Saw settles in at 13-3/4, so it’s not a lightweight, nor is it overweight. Compared to other sidewinders, it’s heavy, but that’s what you expect from a worm drive style saw.

Is a rear handle circular saw better?

Because of the placement of the motor, Rear Handle Circular Saws get a heck of a lot more torque than a standard Sidewinder Circ Saw. Sidewinders get more RPM’s, but the torque and power beats speed when you’re cutting into hardwoods with a Worm Drive (rear handle) saw.

How much does a skilsaw worm drive weigh? Product Description The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s the lightest worm drive saw on the market.

What kind of oil goes in a worm drive saw?

Lube-V 680W Fully Synthetic Worm Drive Saw Oil is 100% synthetic oil with viscosity grade ISO VG 680 for use in all worm drive saw brands. It has outstanding performance much better than well-known market brand such as Skil 80111.

What is hypoid circular saw?

With a hypoid circular saw, the motor sits at a right angle to the blade, with the motor near the rear of the tool, and the blade being on the left side of the motor.

Which side of the line do you cut with a circular saw?

When appearance matters, make cuts with the good side facing down, as circular saws can splinter the wood on the top side. Making your cut line on masking tape can reduce splintering. Start over if you see that you’ve veered off from the cut line instead of trying to curve your way back on track.

Why are cordless circular saws backwards?

The placement of the cordless saw blade, on the left side, gives you a clearer line of sight when you cut. The reason for this is because the main bulk of your circular saw is not blocking your view. Cordless circular left-handed saws provide you better movability.

What is Flexvolt?

FLEXVOLT™ Batteries The 6.0 AH FLEXVOLT™ Battery** is the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. It offers the following: Up to 4X Runtime when used with DEWALT 20V MAX* tools. The Power of Corded when used with 60V or 120V tools.

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