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I have tons of green and red points and unlocked all that research long ago. I can’t clear debris(requires 1 wood beam which I can’t make), and I can’t research things that require blue research, because I don’t have any. I can’t use skin to get blue RS points, because I can’t unblock the church.

Unless you love “Ah ah, gotcha sucker” moments at your expense, obvs. A corpse is a corpse, of course. You prolly have realised how to turn corpses with few red skulls into nice corpses.  So you now have the means to greatly boost your graveyard rating, by pumping out nice corpses in nice graves.

Wooden beams can be purchased from Tress and require the circular saw to craft yourself. Once you acquire +5 graveyard rating, you can complete the mission by talking to Episcop, giving you access to the church. The rusty hammer can be found in the graveyard trunk at the start of the game or can be purchased from the Blacksmith.

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How do you make a graveyard keeper sawhorse?

In order to be available for crafting in the sawhorse logs must be placed in a timber stockpile. It is rendered obsolete by the Circular Saw, but not immediately, since without the carpenter perk sawhorse provides more billets per log than the Circular Saw.

How do you get logs in graveyard keeper?

You’ll need to harvest logs by chopping down trees and digging up the stumps, then store the logs in your Wood Pile. Iron and stone can be found and mined north of your house, and can be stored in the chest next to your house.

How do I get a wood billet in the graveyard keeper?

Wood billets are a basic resource, made from processing logs at the sawhorse or circular saw. Alternatively, they can be purchased from Tress the wood merchant. They’re used in the construction of a few basic workstations, as well as an intermediate step in crafting wood wedges and firewood.

How do you make a graveyard keeper plank?

In order to create a Wooden Plank you don’t need to put a flitch in the inventory, just have it in your chest. If you go to carpenter’s workbench you will be able to create a Wooden Plank. The same applies to other resources and materials, e.g. if you have a stone stockpile block.

How do you craft things in the graveyard keeper?

You need blueprints to craft a workstation. Blueprints can be received by developing the technology tree or by completing quests. The first blueprints are received from Episcop at the beginning of the game. To craft an item you must approach the workbench, click on it and then choose the right blueprint.

How long is a day in graveyard keeper?

Days are 7 minutes and 30 seconds long resulting in a 45 minute week.

How much does a graveyard keeper make?

Cemetery Caretaker Pay Distribution The average pay for a Cemetery Caretaker is $49,364.38. The highest paid Cemetery Caretaker made $92,099 in 2020.

How do you make a graveyard keeper firewood?

Firewood can be crafted on a chopping spot from wood billets or grave decorations, e.g. wooden crosses, wooden markers and wooden grave fences. Grave decors can be damaged and will still produce the same amount of firewood.

How do you make a wooden beam in the graveyard keeper?

Wooden beams can be purchased from Tress and require the circular saw to craft yourself. The Saw no longer needs wooden beams to create.

How do you make a graveyard keeper gravestone?

Gravestone – you can create it on a Stone Cutter with 2 pieces of stone. However, you need Simple Gravestone skills to do this. Gravestone adds 2 quality points. Stone cross – to create it you need a Stone Cutter II and a Stone Gravestone technology.

How do I get technology in the graveyard keeper?

Technology is unlocked by three types of technology points. These points are obtained by different actions, as well as items and study of items. Essential to progress are the study table in the church basement and the science and faith points that are used to study items.

How do you get the Whetstone in graveyard keeper?

10 at Blacksmith . Used at the Grindstone in the Workyard or at the Blacksmith . There are a limited number of uses before the Whetstone breaks. It can be located in the Workyard Trunk or the players inventory in order to be used at the Workyard Grindstone .

How do you get a carpenter’s workbench in the graveyard keeper?

The carpenter’s workbench is used to craft wooden grave decorations and parts. It can be crafted in the front yard of the main house.

What is peat graveyard keeper?

quality fertilizer. Crops grown with Peat will have their growth time reduced by 20% and will yield +1 seed and +1 product when harvested. For more information about the effects and use of fertilizer see farming. Peat is available for purchase from the Shepherd.

Where is moth graveyard keeper?

The Moth is an insect, able to be found by foraging flowers during the night, after unlocking Insects under the given tech tree.

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