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Enter the BORA® Circular Saw Rip Guide – the perfect alternative to a table saw in both ease of use and price. Includes saw plate that fits most right- or left-handed circular saws. Extruded aluminum rail attaches to saw plate securely for confident cuts.

“The Rip-Cut easily makes straight, accurate, repeatable cuts without measuring, marking, or having to keep the saw on the cut line. The Rip-Cut does this with a long edge guide that follows the straight edge of the sheet you are cutting. So, all you have to do is lock the saw in at the measurement you want – up to 24” – using the built-in measuring scale, and then make your cut. Just lock the saw sled at your desired cut width, and you’re all set, whether you need to cut one piece or make multiple pieces of the exact same size. Plus, the Rip-Cut makes it easier to cut down large sheets by yourself.

The base should be 2″ wider than your saw’s base, and the cutout in the plywood base should match your saw’s cutout. The front of your saw base will slip underneath the hardboard lip of the front cleat while the rear cleat, held in place with a threaded knob and T-nut, can then be tightened down to secure the back of the saw. The base of each cleat is simply made from scrap to match the height of the saw base.

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What is circular saw ripping?

Ripping is cutting in the same direction as the grain in dimensional wood and is best done with a dedicated ripping blade. When cutting sheet goods like plywood or MDF, wood grain isn’t an issue, but the terms remain the same.

Can a circular saw Do rip cuts?

Use a Rip Cut Fence to Make Rip Cuts with a Circular Saw If you look at the shoe of your circular saw, nearly every model has slots to install a rip cut fence (AKA edge guide). These are typically metal T-shaped bars that slide in and lock down with a thumbscrew.

Are Circular Saw Rip Fences universal?

No, fences are not interchangeable on any circular saw. There are different widths. You can get a universal replacement set that would most likely fit.

Are guide rails universal?

The YouTool Guide Rail is universally suitable for almost all brands of saw, and is available up to 5 meters long.

What saw blade for ripping?

Ripping solid wood: Use a 24-tooth to 30-tooth blade. You can use 40-tooth to 50-tooth multipurpose blade as well, but it will take longer. Cross-cutting wood or sawing plywood: Use a 40-tooth to 80-tooth blade. You can use a 40-tooth to 50-tooth general purpose blade as well.

How do you use a circular saw without a sawhorse?

In some cases, it might be better to use your circular saw without a sawhorse. If you need to make cuts without a work support, you can lay a sturdy, stationary surface under the material while making cuts.

How long should a rip fence be?

How should a rip fence be positioned by the blade? Chris Marshall: Some woodworking experts advise that a rip fence should be adjusted so that it toes out and away from the blade by about 1/64th inch or so.

Should you start the saw if it is touching the material you are about to cut?

Make sure the saw is not touching the cutting material when you start it. Allow your saw to get up to speed before touching the blade to the material.

How high should the blade be when cutting material?

Some say the blade should be no more than an 1/8 inch above the cutting surface while others say the blade should rise to the bottom of the gullet (the space between the teeth). Some say one height prevents more kickbacks and minimizes tearout.

Can any circular saw be used as a track saw?

A circular saw can be used for all the same functions as a track saw, but doesn’t necessarily do them quite as well. If you’re on a budget, you can turn your circular saw into a makeshift track saw with straight edge guide. You can make your own circular saw jig, or buy one instead.

Can you use Makita circular saw on guide rail?

Enables use of DHS680 Circular Saw with the Makita guide rail system. This adaptor can be attached to Makita circular saws, which allows you to use the circular saws with the Makita SP6000 guide rail system for precise, straight routing cuts.

Can a circular saw cut a 4×4?

Circular Saw. A circular saw is one of the best means of cutting a 4×4 post. Most people own a circular saw, its portability makes it easy to cut 4x4s from the ground, and they can make precision cuts by using a relatively simple trick.

Why is my circular saw burning the wood?

Pushing the stock through the saw too slowly is a common cause of saw blade burn. Sometimes a blade that feels dull might only be dirty. If wood pitch resins build up behind the teeth of the blade, the cutting speed will slow down, increasing the chances for burns. Commercial blade cleaners are sold for this purpose.

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