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In structural firefighting, chain saws are used to cut ventilation holes in roofs and walls. Firefighters also may use chain saws for forcible entry or rescue. Wildland firefighters use chain saws to clear fire lines and to remove hazard trees or snags.

You need the right gear to go trail running, skiing, or mountain biking. To find out what wildland firefighters rely on, we hooked up with Kevin Mecham, a 12-year veteran with the Tahoe Hotshots. All of their tools go into side compartments, while their personal gear fits in racks and nets above the seats.

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What is the chainsaw used for in emergency response?

Chain saws allow emergency response personnel to perform vital emergency-related tasks such as cutting ventilation holes in structures, constructing shoring systems to support unstable buildings, and clearing fire lines.

What chainsaw do hotshots use?

The STIHL MS 461 chainsaw, often used by wildland firefighters, is one of four models being recalled. Today the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of 100,000 STIHL chainsaws that are at risk of fire and burn hazards.

What kind of chainsaws do firefighters use?

If the saw is going to be used for wildland fire, the brands most commonly used are Stihl or Husqvarna. The main reason for this is when you are out on a large fire the supply unit generally only carries parts for these two saws.

How much does a firefighter chainsaw weigh?

The first advantage is the power to weight ratio. Chainsaws with two-stroke motors are very light weight; about 15-20 lbs.

What do hotshots carry?

A wildland firefighter will typically carry two bags: a fire line backpack and a travel bag (also known as a red bag). Generally, a fire line backpack shouldn’t exceed 20 pounds, while a travel bag shouldn’t weigh more than 45 pounds.

What do wild fire fighters wear?

Outerwear should be flame resistant and provide protection to the legs, torso and arms to meet the NFPA 1977 Standard on protective clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting. When worn as an ensemble with gloves and boots, the pant cuff and wrist design should prevent skin exposure.

What do the hotshots do?

A hotshot crew consists of 20 specially-trained firefighters. They provide an organized, mobile, and skilled workforce for all phases of wildland fire management. Hotshot crews receive top-notch training, adhere to high physical standards, and have the ability to take on difficult assignments.

Why do forest firefighters wear yellow?

These trained crews suppress flames, extinguish areas of heat to protect wildlife, and work in smoky areas. Visibility on the fireline is critical for firefighter safety, and the color yellow was proven in studies to be more visible in dark and smoky environments.

How do Hotshots fight fires?

Hotshot crews are proficient in a range of fire suppression tactics. Like other handcrews, IHCs are primarily tasked with constructing, firing out and holding firebreaks, through the use of chainsaws, hand tools, ignition devices and water delivery equipment.

How much weight do wildland firefighters carry?

According to The Times News’ report on the weight of firefighter gear, the average weight of a structural firefighter’s protective equipment is between 66 to 70 pounds. In contrast, the average weight of a wildland pack is about 25-40 pounds.

What does K12 saw stand for?

Partner is a brand name same as Sthil, Husqvarna (which actually owns Partner now), Cutters Edge, etc. K-12 (or the K-12 FD) is a specific Model saw whos name has become the generic by which all cut off saws are called – much like Kleenex is used interchangeable as tissue even though Kleenex is a specific brand name.

Who makes the K12 saw?

Team/HUSQVARNA K-12 FD 74cc Rescue Saw.

What is a forest firefighter called?

Smokejumpers – These highly-trained, experienced firefighters parachute from airplanes to provide quick initial attack on wildland fires in remote areas. USAJOBS keywords for these positions include Forestry Technician (Smokejumper), Forestry Technician.

What is a Type 2 firefighter?

The Firefighter Type 2 serves on a hand crew, engine crew, or helitack crew, performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in the most adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions.

What’s a hotshot?

A hotshot is someone who’s highly talented and successful in a particular field, especially someone who’s cocky about it. Hotshot can also be used as an adjective to describe such a person.

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