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The Makita UC4051A is the best professional-grade corded-electric chainsaw and the Oregon CS1500 is the best inexpensive chainsaw with one very special feature – it has an integrated self-sharpening chain, making it ideal for homeowners who want a low maintenance chainsaw. Top Pick Best Chainsaw / Oregon CS300-A6. On the other hand, if you need to spend hours at a time cutting large hardwood trees then a battery or electric chainsaw will be useless to you – and a waste of money. My bonus pick for my list of the Best Chainsaw for the Money! I decided to include the Husqvarna 450 gas chainsaw because, although it’s the most expensive chainsaw on this list, it’s still an exceptional package filled with professional grade features within a price range that consumers can afford.

Heres what you can expect out of the best cheap electric chainsaws that use a cord. The best cheap chainsaws are the models reviewed on this page. By the way, the two gas chainsaws I reviewed above offer the most value and versatility; however, if you want to see all that’s available, check out my other guide on the best gas chainsaws for the money.

If you don’t need to use a chainsaw regularly, you might be reluctant to spend too much money buying one. To summarize, if you’re on the lookout for the lightest battery-powered chainsaw at the lowest possible price, this is another cheap chainsaw that should be high on your list of possibilities. Good safety features – includes low kickback chain and chain brake. Chain adjuster can catch as you work – can loosen chain by accident. “This electric corded chainsaw from Earthwise features a 16” bar and chain and is powered by a 12-amp motor, giving you plenty of cutting capacity to deal with most small or medium-sized jobs. While the chain is designed to kick back as little as possible, there is no chain brake mechanism, meaning if there is a kickback, the chain will just keep on spinning. No chain brake – does not stop the chain in the event of a kickback.

The LCS1020B is a great home-option chainsaw for users looking for a battery-powered electric chainsaw to use in and around their property for a cheap price. Among the top-rated chainsaw models available on the market, the Remington RM1645 is one of the best cheap lightweight electric chainsaws you can get with an electric power source. If you’re looking to buy a chainsaw that can perform work that suits your needs best and at a budget price, go through our list of cheap chainsaws.

The need to use an extension cable and be in the proximity of electrical outlets is exactly what limits corded chainsaws – or any corded tool. Corded chainsaws don’t come with an extension cable as part of the package – and you need to make sure you purchase the right one so you don’t lose too much power over distance. For many people, an electric chainsaw under 100 bucks is more than enough.

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How much should I spend on a chainsaw?

You can find mid-range saws as well from $200 to $400 for activities like cutting lots of firewood. The majority of shoppers should be able to find a high quality chainsaw to satisfy their needs in the $100 to $200 range.

Is a 14 inch chainsaw big enough?

If you are a casual home user who only needs it for light-duty work like trimming small branches or general pruning work, a less powerful chainsaw with a shorter bar will be enough. For this kind of work, something of around 14” will be enough.

Is Echo as good as STIHL?

Conclusion. Echo and Stihl are both options. If you want a powerful and lightweight chainsaw, then an Echo model might be the right choice for you. Stihl makes more sense if you are after a well-built, durable, full of extra features, fuel-efficient chainsaw.

Is Poulan Pro a good chainsaw?

The Poulan Pro is a good budget chainsaw for the newbie who wants a good introduction to gas-powered saws. It might also be useful to note that Poulan is owned by Husqvarna. It offers a simple, reliable starting set up and good power for most small to medium suburban jobs. It’s easy to clean too.

Is Echo a good chainsaw brand?

Echo is a well-known and well-respected brand that has built a reputation for making a range of high-quality and reliable chainsaws. The company produces many models in a range of different sizes, and choosing the right one can be a challenge.

What company makes Ryobi chainsaws?

Who makes Ryobi chainsaws? The manufacturer Ryobi is owned by Techtronic Industries, based in Hong Kong. Techtronic Industries is the original manufacturer for cost effective brands such as ‘Craftsman’ and ‘Ridgid’ as well.

How much does a STIHL MS 362 cost?

Starting a $809.99 with a 18″ bar and chain. Brains and brawn come together in this well-rounded professional chainsaw. The MS 362 C-M features the same great power, weight and fuel efficiency as the MS 362, but also features our exclusive STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology.

How much does a STIHL MS 881 cost?

$2,029.99. The largest and most powerful chainsaw in the STIHL lineup. For the largest, toughest and most demanding jobs, professionals can find the performance they need in the MS 881 chainsaw.

How much does a STIHL MS 462 cost?

The Stihl MS462 C-M has a MSRP of $1,100 and the wrap handle version is another $40 on top of that. That price is without a bar and chain. This saw can run a variety of bar lengths and chain types that are available at your local independent servicing Stihl dealer. The saw should be available starting in 2019.

How do I choose a chainsaw?

Check for safety features like an inertia chain brake, side chain tensioning and a chain catcher. A saw that is comfortable to use is safer to use. Find a well-balanced machine with a good power-to-weight ratio: light enough to handle with the power to do the job. Ease of use is another deciding factor.

What chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Stihl is the most popular chainsaw for professional loggers. It has a long-lasting chain, and you can also enjoy the exceptional cutting speeds available with this brand of chainsaw. Additionally, the chains are high-performance, low vibration, and quiet in their performance.

How big of a tree can a 20 inch chainsaw cut?

A good rule of thumb is that the diameter of the trees you cut regularly should be no more than twice the length of the bar on a chainsaw. That means a 20-inch chainsaw can handle a 36-inch tree (remember, effective cutting length is roughly -2 inches of the bar length).

What size tree can a 16 chainsaw cut?

16 chainsaw would cut through a 14″ tree diameter. 10 inch chainsaw for 8″ in diameter. 6 inch chainsaw can cut a 4″ diameter.

Can electric chainsaw cut trees?

Although electric chainsaws are smaller and easier to carry, most lack the power and stamina to cut down large trees. If you have big trees on your property that you want to remove or cut into firewood, a gas model is your best bet. Electric chainsaws come in two types: corded and battery-powered.

Who is ECHO made by?

The ECHO brand is owned by Yamabiko Corporation of Japan. Products are designed by Yamabiko engineers and manufactured in Japan, and globally, to Japanese standards.

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