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Two doctors invented the chainsaw in 1780 to make the removal of pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming during childbirth. It was powered by a hand crank and looked like a modern-day kitchen knife with little teeth on a chain that wound in an oval.

The modern-day chainsaws we’re used to seeing are mainly utilised for tree cutting. Shockingly, the chainsaw was originally invented to assist in childbirth – yes, you read that correctly. The doctors’ chainsaw was used during symphysiotomies.

The original chainsaw was invented and used by two Scottish doctors in the 1780s. Interestingly, it’s also the first Stihl chainsaw because the first wood chainsaw was invented by Andreas Stihl – the founder of the Stihl chainsaw company. Stihl also claims to have invented the first chainsaw for use by one person in 1950 – check out all the Stihl chainsaw years made for more info.

Well, get ready to think that forevermore, because it turns out that chainsaws were first designed for hacking away at genitals, before being applied to oak. With the mother in too much agony, he decided that “a childless mother was better than a motherless child” and set about saving the mother and removing the fetus. Far more common, from 1597 until when C-sections became safe, was a surgical procedure known as a symphysiotomy, in which the pubic symphysis – a joint made of cartilage above the vulva – is cut to widen the pelvis and make childbirth go more smoothly.

The original chainsaw looked more like a modern-day kitchen knife than what we would call a chainsaw nowadays. In the 1780s, in a bid to make the removal of the pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming two doctors named John Aitken and James Jeffray invented the chainsaw. In 1883, a patent for a chainsaw for cutting boards was passed and then subsequently more and more chainsaws developed.

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When did they stop using chainsaws in childbirth?

In light of this success, the chainsaw was eventually mechanized in the later 19th century to increase its ease of use by OB/GYNs on expectant mothers. However, shortly after this, the chainsaw was superseded by the Gigli twisted wire saw, which was most commonly used to cut bone.

When was the chainsaw invented?

The first chainsaw was designed by German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine in 1830. He called it the osteotome, from the Greek osteo (bone) and tome or tomi (cut); literally, the bonecutter. This chainsaw, as well as many that followed, were used for medical purposes.

What is the origin of the word cesarean?

Roman law under Caesar decreed that all women who were so fated by childbirth must be cut open; hence, cesarean. Other possible Latin origins include the verb “caedare,” meaning to cut, and the term “caesones” that was applied to infants born by postmortem operations.

What is Symphysiotomy operation?

Symphysiotomy is an operation that is done to increase the size of the pelvic outlet to permit vaginal delivery of a baby. The procedure involves surgically dividing, under local anaesthesia, the cartilage of the symphysis pubis.

Why was the chainsaw invented meme?

It is dark. A meme is going viral of people reacting to when they find out why chainsaws really were invented and a video on TikTok has claimed chainsaws were originally invented to help with childbirth. So if you’ve found yourself here because you want to know the answer, you’re about to find out.

What chainsaw do loggers use?

Stihl is the most popular chainsaw for professional loggers. It has a long-lasting chain, and you can also enjoy the exceptional cutting speeds available with this brand of chainsaw. Additionally, the chains are high-performance, low vibration, and quiet in their performance.

When was the first Stihl chainsaw made?

Company history Andreas Stihl designed and hand built his first chainsaw in 1926. The saw was electrically powered, and weighed about 48 kg (106 lb).

How were babies delivered in ancient times?

Carvings and illustrations all the way from Ancient Egypt up until recent centuries depict women giving birth in standing, squatting, kneeling, and sitting positions. Some form of quarantining the mother before or after childbirth is found in many cultures, from Latin America to China.

Did Cleopatra have a caesarean?

Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony suffered a disastrous defeat at Actium in 31 BCE during the war against Octavian, and Egypt fell to Octavian in 30. Cleopatra sent Caesarion to Berenice, a seaport on the Red Sea coast of Upper Egypt, but Octavian lured him to Alexandria, where the 17-year-old king was executed.

Is cesarean named after Julius Caesar?

The history of caesarean section (C-section) dates back as far as Ancient Roman times. Pliny the Elder suggested that Julius Caesar was named after an ancestor who was born by C-section. During this era, the C-section procedure was used to save a baby from the womb of a mother who had died while giving birth.

Is Symphysiotomy still performed?

Currently the procedure is rarely performed in developed countries, but is still performed in “rural areas and resource-poor settings of developing countries” where caesarean sections are not available, or where obstetricians may not be available to deliver subsequent pregnancies.

Does a woman’s pelvis break during childbirth?

The left and right bones of your pelvic girdle are joined at the front by a narrow section of cartilage and ligament. This is called the pubic symphysis, or symphysis pubis. As the pelvic bones loosen during pregnancy, the pubic symphysis can temporarily separate. This is not a dangerous condition.

Can you cut the pubic bone?

The procedure involves slicing through the cartilage and ligaments of a pelvic joint (or in extreme cases, called pubiotomy, sawing through the bone of the pelvis itself) to widen it and allow a baby to be delivered unobstructed.

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Are STIHL chainsaws made in China?

Stihl chainsaws are manufactured in the United States and China. The company has a facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Qingdao, China. “Made by STIHL” is a brand promise – no matter the location of production. Each chainsaw undergoes tried-and-tested STIHL quality control and high standards.

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