More info about circular saw homebase

This circular saw has been designed for repetitive heavy-duty cutting tasks to be effortlessly completed. Can be used for rip cutting, cutting with the grain and crosscutting which is against the grain on wood. Powerful 1200W motor delivers high performance powerCompact, Lightweight design with 55mm maximum depth of cut on materialsDust blower clears dust and debris from cut line during cuttingCutaway inner guard gives improved line of sight to cutting lineEfficient dust extraction port to minimise airborne dust particles when connected to a dust extraction unit.

Circular saws use round blades with evenly spaced teeth to make fast cuts in sheet materials, including sheet metal. Capable of making rip cuts and cross cuts as well as cutting bevels, they’re a versatile tool that can be used with a wide range of blades to tackle different tasks and materials. Corded models traditionally provide more grunt, but cordless technology can be invaluable when working on sites without power – plus they keep workspaces safe and tidy as there are no cables to worry about.

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