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Here’s how to tell if a chainsaw bar is worn out and needs replacing. A worn chainsaw bar allows a lot more movement side-to-side. A new chainsaw bar can run anywhere between $30 and $60. You’ll appreciate it when you don’t have to throw away worn chainsaw bars as often.

Once you have identified that you need to replace the bar on your chainsaw the next step is the actually replace the bar itself. If you are looking for a general idea for how often you should replace a chainsaw bar, a rule of thumb is to replace the bar of your chainsaw once after you have gone through three chains on the same bar. While physical damage to the bar can be visible the signs of wear are not that easy to detect which is why chainsaw operators can’t spot a worn-out bar in time.

If there is a pointy edge on the Bar of your chainsaw or any cracks or cuts are there in the middle of the Bar, you may face that type of disturbance. Sale.Bestseller No. 3.Last update on 2022-03-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.Chainsaw Bar Maintenance TipsEach time you use the chainsaw, fill it up with fuel and bar oil. It would better if you replace the Bar from time to time when you replace your chainsaw chain.

A crooked cut can be caused by uneven bar rails, uneven sized teeth on left and right side of chain, a slanted bar slot, uneven sharpness of left vs right teeth, a twisted bar, or a combination of any or all of the above. A slopppy fit of the chain in the bar groove by itself shouldn’t cause the cut to go to one side or the other. A bar groove too shallow will quickly ruin the drive links on the chain.

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How do you know if a chainsaw bar is worn out?

With a worn chainsaw bar, when you press your straight edge against that outside tooth, that straight edge will lay flat against the bar with no gap between the two. This indicates that your chain has shifted to accommodate the pressure.

How long should a chainsaw bar last?

Re: how long does a bar last The next, a Granberg, lasted about 2 months. About that time Stihl started using them with the same results. A good bar can be filed a few times on both sides and the tip replaced when needed. They could last almost as long as the saw.

How often should you flip the bar on a chainsaw?

Some professional loggers would advocate that you should flip your chainsaw bar at the end of every use, particularly when you are cleaning up. Others suggest a more relaxed approach advising that you flip the chainsaw bar only when you are changing your chainsaw blade.

Why do chainsaw bars bend?

A saw that has had one side of the chain nicked on a rock or dulled in the dirt will cut in a circle. A chain that has been sharpened differently on one side of the chain than the other will cut in a circle. A bent bar might cut crooked or straight, but, it will get hung up in the kerf.

Can you drill holes in chainsaw bar?

Re: Drilling a Chainsaw Bar Drilling that bar may not be as difficult as you think. It will be best if you use a drill press, start with a pilot hole, and then drill to the size you need. Make sure you have a sharp bit, run at the lowest speed you can, and use cutting fluid.

Are chainsaw bars hardened?

The solid chainsaw bar production begins with a solid bar of steel. The machine laser cuts the steel to the desired basic shape. That includes the outer contour, bores, and elongated hole. Looking at the process, the laser makes very little waste in the cut, and Stihl even reclaims the leftover steel.

Why does my chainsaw blade dull so quickly?

Is the wood that you’re cutting with the chainsaw particularly dirty? Many chainsaw enthusiasts have noted that their blades dull faster when they’re cutting muddy wood. If the logs that you’re cutting up are muddy, then perhaps that is the sole reason why your blade is dulling too fast.

When should I replace chainsaw chain?

Once the wear markers have been met it’s essential to replace the chainsaw chain. Filing past the wear marker will greatly reduce the chain’s cutting performance, and increases the risk of the tooth breaking off. Ideally you should reach the tooth and depth gauge markers at roughly about the same time.

When should I replace my chainsaw sprocket?

You should replace drive sprocket systems after every two chains, or sooner. It’s important not to run a new chain on a badly worn drive sprocket.

Can a bent chainsaw bar be straightened?

Solid body bars with replaceable noses can be straightened by hammering with the bend peak up on a flat anvil. Laminated bars need a piece of rubberized belting of approximate 1/4″ thickness between bar and anvil to properly hammer straighten .

Should a chainsaw bar get hot?

It is normal for the blade of your chainsaw to produce some heat. But it should not overheat or smoke. If you notice any overheating or smoke coming out of the blade, you should stop its use at once.

Can you bend back a chainsaw bar?

The bar fits over the chain blade. Sometimes the chainsaw bar bends or breaks while handling heavy jobs. Severely bent chainsaw bars need to be replaced. However, a mildly bent bar can be straightened by following a few simple steps.

When should a Stihl chainsaw bar be replaced?

If you are looking for a general idea for how often you should replace a chainsaw bar, a rule of thumb is to replace the bar of your chainsaw once after you have gone through three chains on the same bar.

How do I know if my Stihl clutch is bad?

Does the engine loose revs, or the engine keep revving and just the chain stops? If the engine is still running at normal revs, and the chain slows down, then it’s a problem with the clutch. Worn out, gummed up, jammed springs etc. If the engine looses revs under load then it’s more likely a fuel or carb problem.

Is a chainsaw bar high carbon steel?

The steel in most chainsaw bars is high-quality steel that will keep an edge well, but has enough flex to bend under stress rather than break or crack. The metal is generally corrosion resistant, and many bars are a stainless-steel alloy.

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