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If you have a circular saw or are planning to get one, then the wise thing for you to do, as with any other power tool is to learn the safety tips and precautions you need to take when using the saw. Good safety tips and precautions must be understood and followed diligently before using a power tool like the circular saw. The following are some of the safety tips you must adhere to while using a circular saw.

The blade guard is the most important safety feature of the tool because a circular saw takes time for the blade to come to a complete stop after a cut has been made. Only purchase a saw blade that has a higher RPM rating than your circular saw can produce, so take note of your tool’s RPM before starting to shop for a blade. The saw’s “T” will indicate how many teeth the saw blade has.

If your circular saw blade catches on thin-shave cuts or angled cuts, rotate and hold it open with an extended fingertip while still keeping both hands on the saw. Always wait for the blade to stop moving before setting the saw down on your work surface. Getting a circular saw with a blade brake will reduce your wait times.

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Is it safe to use a circular saw with one hand?

One hand on the saw is not a safe work practice, especially not for someone who self-describes as a novice. Hang on solidly for a few years and then see if you want to adopt a few bad habits.

What is the safest type of saw?

TYPE OF SAW: Jigsaw Considered one of the safer power saws, the jigsaw features a large flat base called a “shoe,” which rests flat on the surface of the material you’re cutting and surrounds the blade and offers some protection.

How do you use a circular saw without a table?

Fit your circular saw with an edge guide. Set the depth of the blade accurately enough for it to go through the wood and not cut under the surface. Place the guide on base of the circular saw lines and markings you made earlier on the wood. Ensure that the saw is free to move, and the power cord is not entangled.

Which way should the teeth face on a circular saw?

The teeth should be cutting UPWARDS, in a clock-wise direction. You’ll also notice that when your blade is installed correctly, the teeth will be pointing upward. Remember: circular saws (as most saws) cut on the upward stroke.

Which side should the blade be on a circular saw?

For blade-right models, the correct circular saw blade direction is usually with the label side out. For saws that have the blade on the left, it typically installs with the “ugly” side out.

When using a circular saw is sure to cut on the waste side?

Most circular saw blades have a kerf (a cut or channel) 1/8-inch thick. Be sure to cut on the waste side of the material, or your finished piece will be 1/8-inch short.

Should you wear gloves when using a circular saw?

Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Circular Saw? You should never wear gloves when you use a circular saw, as the fabric of the glove can get caught in the blades of the saw and pull your hand into the saw blade. Any kind of loose fabric can get caught in the moving parts of a circular saw and cause serious injury.

How can you tell if circular saw kickback might happen?

Kickback happens when the saw blade binds or stalls suddenly in the wood and the saw gets driven back toward you. So the key to preventing this is to make sure your blade doesn’t bind in the wood.

Are circular saws safe?

Circular saws have faster blades than table saws, with an outer edge spinning at about 120 mph, and they can cause some serious damage if used incorrectly or recklessly. A study in Australia’s Hazard Magazine found that of all reported saw injuries, circular saws make up the largest group at 30 percent.

What PPE are you likely to need for a job requiring cutting with a circular saw?

Safety glasses and face shield must be worn at all times in work areas. Appropriate hearing protection (Class 5-SLC80>26 dB) must be worn. Protective, steel-toed work boots must be worn. Long or loose hair must be tied back and contained.

Is circular saw safer than table saw?

Circular saws are generally more affordable than table saws, and they are also much safer. While it is perfectly possible to cause a serious injury with a circular saw, they are still much safer than table saws.

Do circular saws cut straight?

Despite its name, the portable circular saw (or any circular saw, for that matter) cuts only straight lines. The name actually refers to the shape of its blade.

When using a circular saw be sure to cut on the waste side of the cut mark to allow for the blades?

Never use a circular saw that does not have an upper blade guard because the. guard protects you from touching the blade. When using a circular saw,be sure to cut on the waste side of the cut mark to allow of the blade’s. Saws with fine blades that are excellent for delicate and intricate cutting are called.

How do you use a circular saw without a sawhorse?

In some cases, it might be better to use your circular saw without a sawhorse. If you need to make cuts without a work support, you can lay a sturdy, stationary surface under the material while making cuts.

What are circular saws good for?

A circular saw is a utilitarian workhorse and a useful addition to the toolkit of DIYers. Its most common function is to make cuts in a straight line on pieces of lumber.

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