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There are many high risk and highly likely hazards associated with chainsaw use. Some common hazards are: you can cut yourself, kick-back, noise, vibrations, eyes injuries, the chain can derail/break, head injuries, back injuries, crushing under falling tree and so on.

“The skills learned must be practised to perfection. Casual users must know their limitations. There are many high risk and highly likely hazards associated with chainsaw use. Some common hazards are: you can cut yourself, kick-back, noise, vibrations, eyes injuries, the chain can derail/break, head injuries, back injuries, crushing under falling tree and so on. Clear felling, Wind throw, Pushed and trapped timber is a job for a professional chainsaw operator.” Safety footwear/steel toecap/ Kevlar, chainsaw trousers/11 layers of polyamide to foul up and stop the chain, chainsaw gloves/Kevlar on back of left hand, safety helmet for head protection which also carries ear muffs and eye protection visor. Clearly marked correctly working on/off switch, chain break, front handle guard, throttle trigger lockout, safety spring loaged throttle, vibration damping, exhaust which directs fumes upwards and away from operator, chain catcher to catch chain in event of chain breaking, rear handle guard to protect the right hand in event of chain breaking, safety chain.

Modern chainsaws have a kickback guard mechanism that stops the chain from rotating if a kickback happens. As you can probably see by now, safety equipment is very important when working with chainsaws. Many people like to skip these when they are using their chainsaws at home, but you shouldn’t do so if you are planning to fell some trees in the woods.

Chainsaws are useful for many projects, but the dangers of using a chainsaw must be taken seriously. Kickback is one of the main dangers of using a chainsaw. If learning about the dangers of using a chainsaw hasn’t scared you off, you’re probably ready to invest in one of your own.

WorkSafe is concerned at the number of accidents involving chainsaws in the workplace, and has produced this guideline for anyone who is an occasional chainsaw user. All modern chainsaws have safety devices designed to help you keep control of it and so reduce the severity of accidents. All chainsaws sold in New Zealand must have a compliant chain brake.

It’s the stuff of horror movies-the villain chasing teenagers through the dark woods, brandishing a chainsaw. While chainsaws can be a useful tool to trim, prune, or remove trees, 36,000 people are injured by them in the U.S. every year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s why SAIF has released a series of videos to reduce chainsaw injuries at work and at home.

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Is it dangerous to use a chainsaw?

Be aware of main hazards of chainsaw use – kickback, hearing loss, vibration disease, and CO poisoning.

How common are chainsaw accidents?

They can also quickly cause severe injury or death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 36,000 people are injured by chainsaws annually. Medical costs for chainsaw injuries based on these facts amount to about 350 million dollars per year.

Can a chainsaw cut a person?

Flesh is no match for a chainsaw, it could probably cut through it pretty much forever without wearing out. Bones may be slightly tougher, but they are rigid and a chainsaw will likely be able to cut through them without much problem – though it will probably dull the blade more than wood.

Can you get killed by a chainsaw?

The cause of most injuries can be traced to improper use of the saw or poor judgment on part of the operator. We present two fatal chainsaw deaths; one with an older style saw, and the other with a modern type. In both cases the victims died from fatal injuries received to the neck region from a chainsaw kickback.

What happens if you hit a nail with a chainsaw?

If chainsaw teeth occasionally come in contact with a nail hidden inside the wood, it can cut through the nail but not without consequences. Every time your chainsaw accidentally cuts a nail, this metal-on-metal contact will cause the chainsaw’s teeth to become dull prematurely.

What’s the safest chainsaw?

Chainsaws are useful when doing work on your home, but they can feel dangerous to use. It’s not too bad if you know what you’re doing, but it’s so easy to make one wrong move—and then it’s game over. Enter the WORX JawSaw.

Where do most chainsaw injuries occur?

Approximately 40 percent of all chainsaw accidents occur to the legs and well over 35 percent occur to the left hand and wrist.

Can a chainsaw cut bone?

Yes, but it’s VERY messy. A chainsaw is basically a handheld cross-cut saw, designed to cut against the grain, A hacksaw, or even a ripsaw, would be a better tool, though obviously not as fast. Their smaller teeth mean less damage to the bone, and less flinging of bits… Chainsaw cuts bone just fine.

How many people have died from chainsaws?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that more than 250 people die annually from chainsaw accidents in the U.S. Thousands more suffer serious injuries. Most chainsaw fatalities involve kickback, which happens when the upper tip of the chainsaw guide bar touches an object.

Can you drill holes in chainsaw bar?

Re: Drilling a Chainsaw Bar Drilling that bar may not be as difficult as you think. It will be best if you use a drill press, start with a pilot hole, and then drill to the size you need. Make sure you have a sharp bit, run at the lowest speed you can, and use cutting fluid.

Can chainsaws cut iron?

Yes, chainsaws can cut through metal. Of course, this depends on the type of metal and thickness. You also need a powerful chainsaw with a chain that has metallic reinforcement or a carbide-tipped chain. In general, it is not advised to use a chainsaw to cut metal, use a specialized metal saw instead.

Can I use a chainsaw to cut through ice?

Yes, you can cut ice with your chainsaw. You don’t have to apply any mineral oil to prevent the water from pollution. To prevent the blade from rusting, you will have to look after your chainsaw.

What can a chainsaw cut through?

Chainsaw can cut a variety of materials but are best at cutting wood, trees, branches, and firewood. Chainsaws can also cut metal, plastic, concrete, frozen meat, and bone. No material is very safe when cutting with a chainsaw, as they are inherently dangerous.

How does chainsaw kickback happen?

There are two circumstances that can cause kickback when using a chain saw. The first occurs when the moving chain at the tip or the nose of the guide bar strikes an object. The second situation is when the wood closes in, pinching the saw chain in the middle of the cut.

Who uses a chainsaw in horror movies?

2. Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise): A killer with raw power and mental instability, Leatherface is a staple. He’s crazy and wielding a chainsaw, which makes him completely unpredictable and terrifying. Not to mention he’s based on an actual American serial killer named Ed Gein.

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