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You want lubrication of the actual chain against the bar. You don’t want to chain to burn – which is what might happen if there’s too much friction. Without oil, it causes frictional force on the motor in the chainsaw as well.

Use replacements if you run out: You can also buy lubricants that can substitute bar oil and allow your saw to run for short periods without actual bar oil, such as WD-40, cooking spray oil, or vegetable oil. You can use engine oil: Standard motor oil can be used in place of bar oil. You would need to check and fill your bar oil tank more often if motor oil is used instead. I would say that motor oil does provide enough lubrication, but it possesses a slightly higher viscosity which is not ideal for use in a chainsaw.

You’ll also learn the most common reason chainsaw bar oil stops flowing to the bar and chain. Chain teeth breaking off and flying from the saw chain as it wears is a real concern, especially when you run a saw without bar oil. Blocked saw oil port – remove the bar and chain, clean port and run saw to check feed.

Electric chainsaws don’t require added oil, but there is a way you will use oil with your electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws have specific bar and chain lubrication oil that is to be used on them. Although electric chainsaws do not use gasoline and oil as a gasoline-powered chainsaw would, you will need to lubricate the bar and chain as you would any chainsaw.

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What happens if you run a chainsaw without bar oil?

Without lubricant, the speed at which the chain moves over the chainsaw bar can cause some serious friction. A slowed-down chain and excessive fuel burning mean there’s a lot of friction between your bar and chain, which means a lot of heat is being produced that could do major damage to your saw.

What does chainsaw bar oil do?

Chainsaw bar oil is lubricant that is designed to reduce friction between the chain and bar. An oil reservoir releases the oil onto the bar.

What’s the difference between chainsaw bar oil and regular oil?

Bar and chain oil is stickier than regular motor oil, so it stays on the chain longer. Motor oil flings off the chain more quickly, so if you try Terry’s tip, be prepared to refill the oil on your chain saw more quickly than with regular bar and chain oil.

Can I use WD40 as chainsaw oil?

No. You should never use WD40 as chain lubricant since WD-40 is NOT a true lubricant. WD40 is primarily a solvent or rust dissolver.

Why does my chainsaw blade go dull so fast?

Is the wood that you’re cutting with the chainsaw particularly dirty? Many chainsaw enthusiasts have noted that their blades dull faster when they’re cutting muddy wood. If the logs that you’re cutting up are muddy, then perhaps that is the sole reason why your blade is dulling too fast.

Can I use 10w30 for chainsaw bar oil?

As a matter of fact, you can actually use regular 10w30 motor oil on a chainsaw as one of the alternatives in case you don’t have bar and chain oil. That’s because 10w30 oil has enough thickness and viscosity that will allow it to withstand the friction that is happening whenever you are using a chainsaw.

Do Electric chainsaws need bar oil?

Electric chain saws derive their power from an electric source, so they don’t need fuel to run. Most gas chain saws require a premixed gas-and-oil fuel to operate properly. Electric chain saws don’t require this added oil, but the bar and chain do need to be properly lubricated.

How often should I oil my chainsaw?

It is recommended that you grease the bearing in the tip of the bar each time you refuel. Make sure to grease the tip at the end of the day as well to help prevent moisture from entering the bearing as the bar cools.

Can you use engine oil as bar oil?

If your manufacturer’s bar and chain oil is unavailable, you can use SAE 30 weight motor oil to lube your chain during the summer and SAE 10 weight during the winter, according to the University of Missouri Extension.

Can I use 5w30 for chainsaw bar?

Can I Use 5w30 for a Chainsaw Bar? Like 10w30 motor oil, you can use 5w30 oil. However, the thin and low-viscosity SAE5 weight oil will not cling to the chain and chainsaw bar very well in the summer. You may experience a lot of oil loss and a messy worksite if you choose this chainsaw bar oil alternative.

Can you use transmission fluid for chainsaw bar oil?

On occasion I’ve used tranny fluid to clean out old oil residue in old chainsaws . It works well . In addition to that tranny fluid seems to pump better on some saws with whimpy oilers in cold weather .

Can you use 10w40 in a chainsaw?

You can but it’s not very good for the chain or the environment. The Husqvarna / Stihl stuff is much thicker and vegetable based so it doesn’t fling off the chain as easily or poison your garden! 10w30. Thicker.

Can I use cooking oil for chainsaw?

Effective – Vegetable oils have natural properties including good lubricity, resistance to shear, a high flash point, and a high viscosity index. These qualities lend themselves to chain lubricant requirements similar to petroleum-based chain oils, and do not contribute to chain or bar wear over time.

What is the best thing to clean a chainsaw with?

In a well-ventilated area, take a bucket and mix one cup of ammonia with one gallon of water. Place the chainsaw chain in this solution and let it soak for 15 minutes. Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves for protection. Then, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub each section of the chain until it’s free of debris.

What can I do with an old chainsaw?

Gas and oil can be disposed of at a household hazardous waste collection site for free. Remove non-metal parts and place in the trash. Metal parts can be recycled as scrap metal.

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